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The Official Site of the Nashville Predators Series Blog: Blackhawks vs. Predators (April 15)

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators
Home not as sweet?

04.15.2010 / 5:01 PM ET

Legendary coach Scotty Bowman made an appearance in the Hawks' dressing room after practice Thursday and said he was intrigued by Wednesday's games.
The one thing that he took from the upsets is that home ice might not be as important as it used to be.
"It doesn't seem to be the same as when I first started," said Bowman, who won nine Cups with three separate teams. "More times than not, you'd hold serve and win your first two and then go on the road and they'd win two. There (weren't) many breakthroughs. (Now), the home team can still have an edge, but I don't think it's quite the same edge as it was."
Bowman is in his second season as a senior advisor of hockey operations for the Hawks, who many are picking to end Chicago's 49-year Cup drought this year. Bowman cautioned against thinking too far ahead.
"They had 52 wins during the season … but Nashville won 47 games," said Bowman, whose son Stan Bowman is the Hawks' general manager. "It's a lot closer than you might envision. When you win two rounds and you lose in the third round (like last year), it's a lot to even get back to that."

-- Brian Hedger
Membership denied
04.15.2010 / 5:01 PM ET

The Hawks have been asked a version of the same thing all week regarding young Finnish goalie Antti Niemi: "Is he always this quiet?"
Their answer is yes, he is. Quenneville likes Niemi's quiet personality, but admitted that it isn't like many other goalies that he's ever been around.
"As a guy he is as zero or no maintenance as any guy I've been around … especially for goalies," Quenneville said. "You know, they've got their own union. I don't know if he'd be accepted."

-- Brian Hedger
Getting started
04.15.2010 / 5:01 PM ET

The United Center should be raucous when the Hawks and Preds face off Friday, and Quenneville hopes the energy lifts his team to an early lead.
The Hawks finished the season with an impressive 30-7-5 record when leading after the first period and hope to extend the trend into the Playoffs.
"We want to emphasize the enthusiasm in the building," Quenneville said. "Let's translate that into a strong start."

-- Brian Hedger

Campbell back on the ice

04.14.2010 / 4:48 PM ET

Brian Campbell is back at practice with the Blackhawks and it's possible he could play in Round 1 vs. Nashville. Correspondent Brian Hedger has the full story.

Author: Staff

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