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Fisher, Rinne Make Special Delivery to Preds Season-Ticket Holders

by Thomas Willis & Brooks Bratten / Nashville Predators

Fisher Changes Meeting’s Agenda:

Linda Griffin expected to talk about her recent promotion at the Davidson County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday afternoon in a conference room at the office’s headquarters on Second Ave. in Nashville.

What she didn’t expect was for Mike Fisher to also be present to deliver her season tickets.

The Nashville Predators forward dropped by to surprise Griffin, sign some autographs and snap some photos with a member of the Loyal Legion.

“It’s cool to come down here to the Sheriff’s Office and meet some great people and meet Linda, a big supporter of our team,” Fisher said. “So many people are excited about the season and we’re only a week and a half out, so to see how excited everyone is here, is cool.”

“I looked around and wondered why all these people were here for a meeting, so I was not expecting this at all,” Griffin said. “This is so cool.”

Now an investigator with the Sheriff's Office, Griffin has been with the office for almost 25 years, owning Preds season tickets for the past three consecutive seasons, as well as a few seasons earlier in the team’s existence.

For both Fisher and Griffin, Tuesday’s visit was just one more sign that hockey isn’t far away.

“Pretty much everyone’s in town from the team and we’re just raring to go and looking forward to it,” Fisher said.

—Brooks Bratten

Rinne Surprises Nurse, “No. 1” Fan:

Robin Cantrell, a Predators season-ticket holder for the past three years, told her account representative she needed to sit in section 104 so she could have a clear view of Pekka Rinne between the pipes for two periods each game. On Tuesday, the Vanderbilt Hospital nurse saw Rinne somewhere she wasn’t expecting.

Rinne, Cantrell’s favorite player, was more than happy to surprise her at work with her season tickets in hand and some autographed merchandise to boot.

“It’s awesome, especially something like this, when you get to meet somebody one-on-one,” Rinne said. “Just to see their excitement, it makes it exciting for me too, to meet someone like Robin, who’s been a season-ticket holder for three years now. It’s a great thing for us, that people keep renewing their season tickets, and also for me, to get to meet someone like her in a different location than at the rink.”

Rinne and Cantrell’s next meeting place will be one more familiar to both parties, with Preds training camp opening next week and the 57 players hitting the ice on Sept. 18.

“The last month and a half I’ve been on the ice, it’s just been a waiting game for the new season,” Rinne said. “It’s getting really close and I’m really excited it. It’s fun to keep taking steps toward playing again.”

—Thomas Willis

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