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Fan Shootout With... Preds Goaltender Pekka Rinne

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators caught up with Preds goaltender Pekka Rinne to ask him your questions -- questions submitted by you fans. Check below for his answers.

Michelle DePoister (Murfreesboro, TN) : Is there a particular game, or moment in a game, that has been the most memorable for you here in Nashville so far?
Pekka Rinne: I think it would be my first home playoff game against Chicago; that was a pretty amazing feeling. All the fans showed up at the (Bridgestone) Arena and supported us. It was great.

Adam Schlicht (Smithtown, NY) :
Do you get scared in practice when Shea Weber takes a slapshot at you?
Rinne: (Laughs) It depends on how close he comes. He’s given me some bruises over the years. He can shoot the puck that’s for sure. I guess I’ve gotten used to it. It’s more that I respect his shot. You learn to focus even more so that you don’t get hurt.

Tiffany Mitchell (Nashville, TN) : How do you feel about the shootouts? Is it nerve wracking for a goalie?
Rinne: I like it. You get to be in the spotlight. You want those situations. You always get a little nervous, but at the same time you enjoy them. I usually feel pretty confident when I go out there.

CJ Schipani (Franklin, TN) : What are your pre-game rituals or what is your pre-game routine?
Rinne: I usually have the same kind of routine. I usually have morning skate, pre-game meal at the same restaurant, a nap, then after my nap I’ll snack and go to the rink.

Heather Boyce (Clarksville, TN) : Working in such a high stress profession, what kinds of activities do you like to unwind and relax during the season?
Rinne: I like to listen to music, cook good food, and sometimes I read books. That’s the way I like to wind down.

Angel M (Chicago, IL) : Congrats on the two year contract. My question which I don't believe has been asked or answered is - Is there significance behind the #35 and if so what would that be?
Rinne: There’s not really any huge story behind it. That number was free when I got here and I’ve always liked that number. There are a few Finnish goalies that have used that number; I guess that’s the story behind it.

Chris Gendek (Owensboro, KY) :
While living in Nashville during the season what do you miss most about your native country Finland? During the off-season when you return to Finland, what do you miss most about Nashville?
Rinne: When I’m here I miss the snow back home. I’m so used to having snow around. I also miss the water. We have a ton of lakes and rivers back in Finland, so I miss that. I also obviously miss my family.

When I’m back home and away from Nashville, I miss my teammates and some good restaurants that only Nashville has.

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