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David Freeman's Address to Metro Nashville's Sports Authority

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators
Predators Chairman David Freeman addressed Metro Nashville's Sports Authority at the authority's regularly scheduled meeting on Friday, June 13. Read below for a transcript of Freeman's comments.

"Thank you Mr. Chairman for the opportunity to address the Authority’s members. I will be brief and to the point.

We recognize, appreciate, and encourage the public service that this Authority and its members provide to the taxpayers of Nashville. Today’s meeting to gather information and protect our city’s publicly owned arena is part of that public service.

Thus, the purpose of my visit today is to assure the Authority that we are communicating very candidly with city officials and your legal counsel on a consistent basis regarding the development surrounding Mr. Del Biaggio.

We are also ensuring that your counsel has open lines of communication with the NHL and our lending syndicate.

Our goals this summer remain the same as they were last summer: to enhance the city the Nashville and protect Nashville’s hockey team from any and all that have motives inconsistent with the best interests of the city of Nashville and our quality of life.

Much like last summer, I am certain our town will succeed.

I know you received a subpoena this week from the FBI seeking information about Mr. Del Biaggio.

We received one the same day. Much like you, and much like the Metro Council, we will cooperate fully with FBI.

I can assure you that the allegations against Mr. Del Biaggio are as surprising to us as they are to you.

Here’s my assessment of where we are today: it is in everybody’s best interests to wait for the bankruptcy court to appoint a trustee.

Once that happens, we will sit down with the trustee and have a conversation about his need to protect the bankruptcy estate and our need to protect Nashville’s hockey team.

Hopefully, we will find mutual ground. We believe we have a very strong position.

We will continue to communicate with you through counsel throughout the process.

While I cannot predict the timetable for reaching our destination, I am very confident that we will reach that destination and that the city of Nashville and the Nashville Predators will be stronger at the end of the journey.

Our request of this Authority today is that you retain all of your options, thereby allowing you the maximum flexibility to protect our City as events unfold.

Mr. Chairman, with your permission, I would prefer not to take questions in this setting because I doubt I will be able to provide adequate answers in a public forum without putting our city and/or our hockey franchise at a disadvantage in future negotiations. As you know, I have always been, and remain, at the disposal of the Authority and your counsel to discuss issues and concerns in a more privileged setting."

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