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Coach Trotz, Preds Support My Friends House Nashville

by Jena Smith / Nashville Predators
Head Coach Barry Trotz has been guiding the Nashville Predators from day one. He takes great pride in what his team does both on and off the ice to represent Nashville. What many do not know is that Trotz has been very significant part of another team since his arrival in Nashville.

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The organization My Friend's House takes in boys from the ages of 12-17 years old who are in need of a safe, structure and loving home to help increase their self-esteem, life skills, and deal with difficult situations that initial brought them to My Friend's House. My Friend’s House gives the boys an opportunity to grow and mature in a positive and healthy way.

“I’ve been involved with My Friend’s House since 1997. I was asked to come speak to a small group of boys, and I really felt a connection,” Trotz starts to explain. “For some reason I felt like it touched me and I felt like I should try to help out.”

Executive Director of My Friend’s House, Patty Martinez, has voiced how very grateful she is for the time, work and contributions Trotz has made to this organization in order to help these young men out.

“Having Barry Trotz on our team has helped our mission in many ways ranging from giving the boys opportunities that they would have never experience to taking the time out of his busy schedule to spend a day with the them.”

Even when Trotz’s schedule is busy with hockey games, he has found a way to help My Friend’s House.

“I started a program with the Pred that ever game we win I donate $500, so over ten years we have won a lot of games,” Trotz said with a smile. “That is a cash contribution, but at the same time we also try to do some events with the boys.”

Martinez went on to explain, “Mr. Trotz has mentored the youth by facilitating discussion groups, teaching them how to landscape, and focusing on leadership and team building shills. In addition, Mr. Trotz has always been huge supporter of the boys and realizes how difficult our mission can be when you have eight to 10 teenage boys.”

Trotz will admit that having the opportunity to see the young men throughout their time at My Friend’s House or years after they have left and they thank him for his help and support really tugs at his heart.

“If you are able to save one boy from having a really rough life or not understanding how to live in today’s society and get through it, that’s a big thing.”

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