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Check Out New Food Offerings at Bridgestone Arena for 2019-20 Season

Photo Blog Looks at a Dozen New Items at Arena's Concessions Stands, Suite Level

by Thomas Willis @TomAWillis / Director of Digital & Radio Content

When you walk into Bridgestone Arena for the first time during the 2019-20 season, the odds on favorite to catch your attention is FangVision. 

Of the more than $8 million that went into arena renovations this summer, a large chunk of it went to the building's new focal point: a custom scoreboard above the ice, nearly 300 percent larger than the original Megatron and outfitted with four fang-shaped LED screens. 

But my question to you is this: Is FangVision filled with a Christie Cookie? Is it surrounded by bacon or barbecue?

Fair, it's a ridiculous question. But after you try some of the new food and drink offerings at Bridgestone Arena this season, you may be asking yourself if there are new things at the arena which are just as good as a multi-million dollar scoreboard. (*Whispers* Yes)

This year's update to the grilled cheese includes bacon and meat in a sloppy joe style. Hearty, rich and still cheesey. Available on the Main Concourse. 

It's pizza and a pretzel perfectly blended together. It's the Braided Pretzel Pull-A-Part. Available at Section 113. 

If something sweet suits your fancy a little better while watching a hockey game, give the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets a try. For me, the dippable cream cheese vanilla icing is what makes the dish. Available at Section 113. 

The newest offering at the Main Concourse Taco Stand is the Chicken Chorizo Tamale Pie. It has the density of a pot pie, a bottom filling of sweet cornbread, all while combining Mexican flavors with chicken, ranchero sauce and cheddar jack cheese. 

Part burger, part vegetable. This latest burger option contains meat, mushroom, lentils, carrots and chives. Available at Section 113. 

Up on the arena's Suite Level, The Porkalicious steals the show. This sandwich is stacked with bacon, pork loin and pulled pork. 

The potato - the perfect side for virtually any meal. This spud gets a boost with a topping of brisket chili, butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, onions and scallions. It's the Brisket Chili Spud. 

A fresh take on a Mexican classic. The Brisket Tostada is an open-faced tostada shell with beef brisket, refried beans, queso fresco, diced onions, guacamole, radish and shredded iceberg.

Chips. Cheese. Meat. Enough said. 

The Suite Level is pretty proud of their chicken tenders, and justifiably so. Add some honey mustard on the side and enjoy the Buttermilk Hand Battered Chicken Tenders. 

After you try the grilled cheese on the first level, walk up to the Suite Level and try their grilled cheese. The Creamy Gooey Grilled Cheese is complemented perfectly by some tomato soup. 

Did I save the best for last? Maybe. For dessert, the Suite Level offers a warm doughy pretzel with a delicious surprise at its center. That's right, it's a Christie Cookie.

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