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BEHIND THE SCENES: Strength and Conditioning Coach David Good

by Jena Smith / Nashville Predators
A key element to the success of the Nashville Predators is the strength training, conditioning, nutrition and a solid rehab program the players carry out during the season. The team is kept on track and healthy with the help of strength and conditioning coach David Good.

While much of Good’s work is done behind the scenes, it lays the foundation for what fans see on the ice.

“With the healthy players we will train every practice day,” Good said. “The program is based primarily off Olympic lifting, power lifting, but we have also gotten in to kettle bell training in the last few years. We use rope training quite a bit now; it’s good for the condition aspect”

While working with the players, Good believes respect and communication are the most important requirements from the players.

“The biggest thing for me is that the players respect what we do. You’re not going to get along with everyone, we are fortunate here that it is a good group of guys so everyone is easy to get along with. But, you have to make sure they respect and understand what you are doing, and what you are trying to do.”

Good went on to explain, “The players respond better when you are both on the same page, both understand what you’re trying to do. So really, communication and making sure everyone is working together is key.”

While respect and communication are needed in order to be productive with the players, Good feels communication is also needed with his position among the coaches.

“I am really kind of an intermediary. I have to work really hard with the training staff and coaching staff. But at the same time, I am kind of in the middle of both of them. It is a really different position. It’s good because you get to be a part of all the groups.”

When asked about what his favorite part of the job was, Good stated he was just excited to be able to be around a sport, and in a field of work, that he loves.

“It’s all really good. I played hockey growing up so I guess to be around it still, at this level is the best part. Just being around the atmosphere, being around the players, being able to skate with them is a thrill. Being around hockey at the highest level is the best part.”

Good feels because he grew up playing hockey, coupled with his background in strength and conditioning training makes him capable of emphasizing the importance and understanding of this aspect of the game to the team.

“Training during the season is a little over looked sometimes. I think I bring a little more to the table because I did play growing up so I have a little better understanding of what needs to happen then what other people might.”

Prior to working with the Preds, Good served as the director of speed-strength and conditioning for West Coast Sports Performance and Center for Athlete Medicine in Manhattan Beach, California as well as the assistant speed-strength and conditioning coach for the Los Angeles Kings from 1999-2003. From 1997-99, he worked under the same title for the for the Long Beach Ice Dogs (IHL).

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