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5 Questions with Francis Bouillon

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators caught up with Preds defenseman Francis Bouillon to ask him your questions -- questions submitted by you fans. Check below for his answers.

What sorts of adjustments do you have to make when starting a season on a new team?

submitted by: Patten Fuqua in Franklin, TN

When you come to a new team you do not know anyone. You have to first start by talking to a few of the coaches and start to learn the system here; every team is going to have its own system in the NHL. In the beginning when it was my first time playing with many of the guys I needed to adjust; especially with your partner on D. But so far everything is going well. I am playing with Kevin Klein right now and as more games pass we feel better with each other; I know where his position is when I get the puck and vice versa.

Who was your favorite player growing up, and how have you patterned your game after them?

submitted by: Kelly Reaves in Cane Ridge, TN

It was defiantly Raymond Bourque, he is a great guy. He has always been my favorite player. I was in Montreal and he is from Montreal as well so there was a connection there. He was a good player on the ice and outside the ice, he was a gentleman. He was always and example for me. I try to play just like him, he was pretty strong in his own zone and he was on the power play too so he had a good shot. He was a smart player.

Was hockey always your dream growing up?

submitted by: Jessica Bandel in Clarksville, TN

I started to play hockey at three years old. I was always a fan of the Montreal Canadians and went to their games. It was always my dream to be a hockey player. It was hard for me because of my size, but the coaches I had really believed in me. But I did my job, and I finally got there.

Whats the most embarassing/funny thing that's happened to you in your professional career?
submitted by: Mackenzie Fox in Lebanon, TN
My most embarrassing I have to say is when I came here seven years ago to Nashville when the team picked me up and after a few games they sent me back on the waivers. I was feeling pretty bad; I was questioning myself a lot.  

Much has been written and discussed concerning your small size in comparison to other NHL blueliners, and how that puts you at a disadvantage. In a way is that also an advantage for you and in what way? With the prospect Ryan Ellis also with a similar body type, what words of wisdom would you give him on preparing physically for the NHL?
submitted by: Randy Hall in Nashville, TN

It has always been an issue to play at this size but I feel pretty good. I am always playing against a bigger guy and things like that, but for myself I always have to play strong and play my game. Everybody is going to say it is an issue to play at 5’8 but I am use to always play at that size and against a bigger guy.
You have to think about your dream and follow your goals. It’s not even just in hockey it is in every sport. You have to believe in yourself. When I was young many people also believed in me and I finally make it, you have to be proud of yourself.

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