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5 Questions with Dan Hamhuis

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators caught up with Preds defenseman Dan Hamhuis to ask him your questions -- questions submitted by you fans. Check below for his answers.

Why don’t more players use the hipcheck like you are infamous for?
submitted by Kipton Nickell in Smyrna, TN

Well it’s not an easy hit to do. It’s kind of difficult to get the timing down right. It’s one of those hits that it’s a high risk/reward. If you hit the guy it looks awesome and you can take him out but it’s really easy to miss in that hit too; and if you miss the guy he can go in on a break away. So it’s risky and that’s probably why other people don’t do it, a shoulder check is a little safer.

What part of your game would you say you’re most focused on improving this season?
submitted by Codey Holland in Cane Ridge, TN

I want to work on my offensive side of my game. I feel that I was a little more offensive when I was younger and starting my professional career and over the past few years I have put in a little more of a defensive role. So this year I want to try to improve my offensive as much as I can; work on my shot, have a better shot from the point, be better on the power play.

What one thing stands out the most in your years in Nashville?
submitted by Patty Cavanah in Madison, TN

I don’t know if it’s one. Two seasons ago when we made the playoffs and went on a big run at the end of the year, we really had no expectations to make the playoffs. I think that was one of the monuments and a similar moment would be the first time the team has ever clinched the playoffs. We were in Colorado that night and it was a huge deal for our team.

What are some of your favorite things to do in your spare time outside of hockey?
submitted by Allie Palazzi in Nashville, TN

During the summer I enjoy playing tennis and mountain biking. I do a lot of out door activities. We live up in the mountains in Smithers so we do a lot of things on the ATVs. Also fishing, camping, and I even play baseball. Pretty busy summers.

What will you do after your career is over? Do you see yourself and your family residing in Smithers, B.C.? Will you seek another career in hockey (coaching, etc…)?
submitted by Kevin Kent in Lebanon, TN

We really enjoy spending our summers in Smithers and I think we would probably like to retire there as of now. However, I think it will change as our kids get older and involved in programs here in Nashville. But I think it’s a great place for kids to grow up; I really enjoyed my childhood there.  My family still lives there too so there are a lot of reasons to go back.

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