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2009-10 Ladies of the Preds Blog

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators
The Predators Equiplinq Dancers and Liquid Ice Girls will be sharing their views throughtout the 2009-10 season in this new blog. To learn more about the Predators Equiplinq Dancers or Liquid Ice Girls, check out their pages on Predators Equiplinq Dancers or Liquid Ice Girls.

Blog Entries
2008 Swimsuit Calendar Trip
Summer 2009: Dancer Tryouts  | July 31 | Aug 5 | Aug 9Aug10 | Aug11 | Aug12 | Aug13
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October 31
Hello there fans!!!

Big Halloween home game against the Dallas Stars; full of fun and we had lots of entertaining things going on in the arena. Meeting all the kids who came to the game in costumes; they all had adorable costumes, from "woody and jesse" in Toy Story to babies as hockey pucks. One of my favorite things as a Preds Equiplinq Dancer is all the inteaction with the fans!

During the first intermission we did our first dance performance of the season on ice to Witchy Woman by the Eagles. It was a lot of hard work to prepare and I had a little extra pressure becasue i was the "witchy woman" but it all paid off and it looked good! The most important thing is that we had fun doing it and the fans loved it! I can't wait to perfom our next routine on ice in November! (I hope all you fans are excited to see it too)

In the second intermission there was a mummy game that i participated in. My partner Russell, who came to the game dressed in costume, had to run around me woth toilet paper to try and make me a mummy. I think he was a little nervous at fist because the cameras and everyone in the rink was watching him but as soon as we started he forgot all about it and had a great time -- and we won!

And the Preds won too with a final score of 4-2. It was celebration time in SMASHVILLE!!!!!!!!

All in all it has been an unforgettable experience as a Preds Equiplinq Dancer -- and we are not even halfway through the season! I'm very blessed and thankful to be on such a great team with amazing team mates! Hope to see you at the next game! Don't forget to see us outside of section 119 and get a 2009-10 swimsuit calendar... you know what they say... August is one of the hottest months of the year ;)

Preds Equiplinq Dancers

October 29
Watch Brittany's Game Day Video Blog
  My Game Day: Equiplinq Dancer Brittany (from Oct. 29)

October 12
Hi Preds Fans!

Tonight was my fourth game as a Nashville Predators Dancer, and I had a great time even though we couldn't pull out a win.

I started off the night working the Calendar table, which is always a lot of fun getting to interact with the fans and signing calendars. By the way if you have not picked up a calendar yet you definitely need to, they are hot off the press and everyone looks amazing this year!

Tonight's game was still full of excitement even though the Preds suffered a 6-1 loss to the Oilers. For one thing it was Military Monday, which I was personally really excited about; it was really cool to see so many military men come out and support the Nashville Predators. I actually spoke with one man at the end of the game who had been wounded in Iraq. It was heartbreaking story and I was so happy for him that he was back in the U.S. Meeting extraordinary people like this has been an unexpected but amazing part of my job.

Besides it being Military Monday I got to see Colin Wilson make his NHL debut at only 19 years old, and he didn't disappoint! Also, I witnessed my first fight (which I had been highly anticipating) -- the fight broke out between Triston Grant and Zach Stortini. The fight occurred early in the first period and lasted a good five minutes! Let me just say it was everything I had been waiting for.

The rest of the game was still fun and I got to participate in a few promos tonight like the hamburger races which were absolutely hilarious. Late in the game the Preds scored one goal for Smashville tonight, which is always exciting. And I love the signature "I like it I love it" song that is played to commemorate a goal.

After the game I had a lot more time for photo-ops and autographs which is absolutely my favorite part of the game, I met this adorable little boy named Javion, and he even bought a calendar, or should I say his parents bought a calendar! All in all it was a great night in Smashville and we had a great turn out for Military Monday. I hope to see you at the next Preds game on Thursday which is College Night. College students please come out and support!

Kerry Beth (Ladies of the Preds Calendar -- Miss November 2010)
Preds Equiplinq Dancers

October 10
Hey Fans,

Saturday October 10 was our second home game against Buffalo. We had only half of the girls than we did on Thursday night so there was a lot more space in the dressing room to get ready.

Magnetic schedules were handed out to everyone as they walked into the game. Those are one of my favorite items they give out to fans! It was our first game where we sold our calendars throughout the night. We had girls set up at the calendar table before the game, at both intermissions, and after the game selling calendars and signing them as well. All of us were excited and pleased at the positive feedback we were receiving from the fans (view pics from our Calendar Release Party). It made me even more enthusiastic to keep selling!

Even though the Preds were defeated, overall it was an exciting night! We had a lot of success with the calendars and of course, what always makes the night worthwhile is seeing all of the awesome fans having fun!

See you next game!
Preds Equiplinq Dancers

October 9
Hi Ya'll our 2009-10' Calendar Release party was held on Oct. 9th at the Sommet Center and was well attended by friends, family and Predator fans. Great to see all the people that came out for the event! (check out the full photo gallery here)

The night started out with the Equiplinq Dancers entertaining us all with a great new routine in their new uniforms. Hors d'oeuvres were enjoyed by all while watching the making of the 2009-10 Swimsuit Calendar Photo Shoot video and slide show. There were some fun door prizes handed out during the evening as well.

The 2009-10 Equiplinq Dancers and Liquid Ice girls were individually introduced just before the unveiling of the Calendar. We all stood anxiously waiting to see who it (would) be. Once revealed, it was so exciting to see the cover! What an amazing concept our photographer Juan Pont Lezica came up with. . I was completely shocked and tickled pink to see myself on the cover! I was thinking "Wicked Awesome, My Dad is gonna love this." Being a 'Rink Rat' and coming from a big hockey family growing up in New England, I was absolutely thrilled and had a million goose bumps! "This is so cool!"

The sharpies were handed out and we all started signing calendars! The DJ starting playing some fun music while some of our staff showed their new dance moves!

Also at the party was our photographer Juan and his family, Timmeka Belcher and Makeeda Russell of MAC, our hairstylist from "The Edge Salon" Bill Vandiver, and even a few of the Tennessee Titan's Cheerleaders were in attendance!

Our great staff did an amazing job once again! I want to give them a big thanks, and also a thank you to all for coming out and supporting us! Smiles were everywhere so I know a fun night was had by all!

So get your Calendar today! You won't be disappointed!
Thanks y'all

Let's go boys,
Liquid Ice Girls
Molly's bio page

October 8
It was finally hockey time in SMASHVILLE! Tonight was our first home game of the regular season and it was a blast! The Equiplinq Dancers and the Liquid Ice Girls were in our new uniforms for the first time. We had a positive fan reaction and really hyped the crowd for the new third jersey with our coordinating colors. It was great to see lots of familiar faces in the crowd and we welcomed everyone into the arena. We love to meet and greet our regular fans and it is exciting to see all of the new faces. I think this season will bring several new fans to be a part of our pre-game tradition.

We had our own celebrity in the Sommet Center with Josh "Rizzo" Sacco giving the 'Miracle' speech for all of our Preds fans to enjoy in a video clip. If you haven't checked it out yet you need to watch here and check it out.

Also, the fans received SMASHVILLE t-shirts tonight when they walked in the doors, courtesy of First Tennessee, and those shirts came in handy late in the third period when we rallied to win 3-2 over the Avalanche. The crowd really propelled our boys to a win by helping to switch the
momentum. It was amazing to be in the isles, in the middle of our fans swinging those t-shirts cheering for our team! Great start to the season 2-0...

Let's Go Preds!!
Preds Equiplinq Dancers

August 13
Tuesday morning began with the next set of girls getting their shots taken. Taylor, Amy and I were up and at em at 5:30 am in hair (The Edge Salon) and makeup (MAC) where we were fully taken care of. We ate some breakfast for a little energy and we had a good time transforming into beauties!! I wanted to take the hair and makeup people home with me; they were unbelievable.

Logan channels her "inner Betty Boop" during her photo shoot.
I was channeling my inner Betty Boop and pin up for a sailor shot on the end of a dock with sweet boats behind me. Then next was Red bombshell Taylor as she took control on a boat. (Yes, ON A BOAT! She never thought she’d be on a boat.) Then Amy was the Nautical All-American Girl on the boat with an old-school life saver float in the shot. It was early and hot but we all made it through. We took some epic shots and even had time for some video interviews. Check them out on Preds TV!

More girls shot throughout the day mostly around beautiful Baytown where the fun never stops. After taking a nap to make up for lost sleep. I hit the beach for a few hours. The water was crystal clear and enjoyable. Then it was time to get ready for dinner at Jim N' Nicks!!! Which was a favorite of mine in college in the boro. We arrive at dinner had some infamous cheese biscuits and BBQ. Just scrumptious! Then we hit The Track where I relived some childhood memories. First some go karts, then bummer cars, and last they open the big track for us and said have at it all you want. The first 5 seconds into the race we had a 25 car pile up. Haha don't worry no one was hurt. Shake and Bake baby! 45 minutes later it was time to take it home. We still had more to shoot the next day!!

Wednesday planned for a full day of shooting and about 2:00 right when Molly had to shoot came some nasty dark storm clouds. Which actually worked out in her benefit. The heat dropped 15 degrees in 10 minutes.The clouds served as an awesome background for her shoot -- not to mention she had her own wind machine, so her hair was blowing beautifully.
Molly finished shooting just in time for the rain to come. This caused a small set back, but the sunset came out just in time for Maranda, Denise, and Marie. It was breathtaking.

We finished shooting just in time for our last night's dinner at the Lucky Snapper, where they had special menus for us and a great musician sing all our favorite songs. They really made us feel welcome; it was a great place to end our last night. The next morning there were two more girls who had to shoot, believe it or not. After they were finished, we had a delicious breakfast at the Broken Egg where I had a waffle with strawberries.

After that, we unfortunately had to go back to our rooms to pack up to head home. We got on the road around Noon and had a quiet drive back. Everyone was exhausted from having a blast for four days of non-stop fun!

Thanks to everyone who took part in making this a great trip and what will be the most amazing calender yet. I can't wait to see it! I'm already hyped for the season!

See you on the ice,
Liquid Ice Girls
Logan's Bio Page

August 12
Well my morning started out very early and a little different than the other girls! I got up at about 4:15 and left my apt at 5 AM EST and drove an hour from Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio (where I am performing in a show this summer) to Cleveland for a 6:30 AM flight! I landed in Ft.
Walton Beach, Florida at about 10:00 AM. Chris Smith, part of our wonderful Preds staff, was right there to whisk me off to the hotel.

The Ladies of the Preds pose for a group shot.
I had just enough time to drop off my things, say hi to my roomies Taylor and Maranda, and rush on over to hair and make up. I was so excited to be in Florida at such a fabulous hotel with all the girls I haven't seen for a few months. I loved getting to see Lindsey (one of our new Liquid Ice Girls) who I used to teach when she was a little girl! Ahhh, I'm getting old!

Once on location, the sky grew cloudy and I started to get nervous that we weren't going to get to shoot. My location called for a lot of balance as I had to stand high above everyone on a railing the size of a balance beam! Good thing I have balance from being a professional figure skater! I was there for 20-30 mins flexing everything, balancing and trying to relax my face as we watched dark clouds and lightning close in on us! Juan and his wife Kimberly were fantastic! They  nicknamed me "Stormy" becasue of the stormy weather.

After my shoot I got to catch up a little with my friends back in the room and relax from all my travels. A few hours later, we all went out to a great dinner at The Lucky Snapper where they treated us as royalty. The food was great and they stayed open late just for us! I had a blast chatting it up with everyone and we all got a little silly too! Unfortunately,I had to get back and go to bed for another early morning flight back to Cedar Point in the morning.

The shoots was such a great opportunity and a really unique experience to be a part of. We were treated like celebrities! As such a longtime member of the Predators, but unable to make the photo shoot until this year, it really meant a lot to me to be a part of this event.

When I look back at my first few outings with the Predators leading up to this, the magnitude and excitement of our events just keep evolving. I can't wait to see what else lies ahead for this organization. Go Preds!! Can't wait for the season to begin. Let's go boys!

Liquid Ice Girls
Molly's Bio Page

August 11
Stehannie and Kacey at dinner.
It’s Tuesday morning and I just woke up. I am sooo excited because today is my shoot day!! I found out last night that I will be the last shoot of the day, so I will definitely have butterflies in my stomach waiting for my turn! We started the day off with a wonderful brunch catered by Jim n’ Nicks. After that, I had a little bit of downtime before I had to head to hair and makeup. Katy and Lindsey R. are being shot before me and they both look incredible. Lindsey is shooting in a waterfall and Katy will be by the pool just outside our rooms.

Now it’s 3:30pm and I’m off to hair and make-up. Bill from The Edge Salon is a miracle worker and the girls from MAC are incredible. I will be shooting on the balcony of a penthouse suite! I finally make it out of hair & make-up just in time for sunset. The view from the balcony is absolutely breathtaking, and the suite is gigantic. Our photographer, Juan, is absolutely amazing. The shoot went great and although it was a lot of work (they say when you feel the most uncomfortable that’s when your pose looks the best) it was so much fun!

Once my shoot was over I was finally able to relax, and what better way to unwind than eating a delicious dinner at Jim n Nicks, and enjoying a night at The TRACK! Go karts, bumper boats,
putt-putt, bumper cars -- this place has it all! Everyone was having fun, and suddenly, was a 15 go-kart pile up at the top of the wooden track! We all left with bumps and bruises, (some more than others) but it was still a blast! As sorry as I was to leave, I can’t wait to see the results of the calendar shoot, and I hope you are just as excited!

Preds Equiplinq Dancers
Stephanie's Bio Page

August 10
The Dancers and Liquid Ice Girls enjoyed dinner at Harbor Docks in Destin.  
Monday began at 5:30AM for the three of us chosen to shoot first. Holly, Sarah and I were the three girls announced at dinner Sunday night to be up and at ‘em before the sun came up Monday morning! Being a rookie, I have to say, the thought of going first was a little un-nerving but when the time came, our coach Jamie, photographer Juan and his wife Kimberly made the shoot smooth and fun.

We met the hair and make-up artists at 5:30AM in their room. The time flew by as the pro’s got us primped and ready to go. Everyone looked and felt amazing (AND nervous!) as we departed the hotel in our van and headed to the entrance of Ravenwood. Holly shot first and looked amazing, followed by Sarah in the waterfall-looking fantastic as well and I was the last to go. My location was further in to the residential area of Ravenwood in front of a tall moss tree. The trick was that I had to stand on top of a trailer to get into position! For a girl that’s afraid of heights, that was a little tricky! After all was said and done, I made it up there, survived the height and had so much fun shooting! Seven more girls shot Monday making a total of 10 that got done shooting by the end of the first day.

It’s such a great feeling when you get done with your shoot…relaxation time is on and that’s exactly what we did for the rest of the day! The white sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters welcomed several of us dancers and ice girls as we relaxed on the beach Monday afternoon. After a day of sunning and swimming, I was off to take a nap before dinner at the Harbor Docks.

At 8:30PM we loaded two vans full of dancers, Liquid Ice girls, coaches, make-up artists, hair stylists and more and ventured off to dinner. Everyone at Harbor Docks was fantastic! The food was amazing and we all had even more time to bond and get to know each other. After dinner it was back to the hotel for fun at the resort or for some ladies that had to shoot early Tuesday morning, bedtime!


All in all, the first full day here in Destin was wonderful and I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of my time here with all the girls before we get back to Nashville and get rolling with the season!

Preds Equiplinq Dancers

August 9
Holly was one of 12 girls to have her photo shoot on Day One
Our journey to Sandestin began at 8:30 Sunday morning and ended around 6:45 that evening. We made our way to Destin in two vans loaded down with girls, assistants, hair and makeup and drivers of course! The trip went by suprisingly fast considering how many stops we made.

The ride down was a really great opportunity to get to know each other, which we haven’t had much of a chance to do yet. I was in a van with Marie, Crystal, Samantha, Kourtney, Erica, Britney, Holly, Stephanie and Kacey. I don’t know about the other van but there was not much sleeping going on in ours (except Samantha)! We all had a blast chatting and goofing off with one another. When we arrived we were all amazed at how gorgeous the Resort is but we didn’t have much time to explore it last night since we had to get ready for dinner. I’m sure we’ll do that today!

Last night we had dinner at the Marlin Grill and it was fabulous. Special thanks to owner Tom Rice for an amazing evening! At dinner, everyone got a chance to mingle and that was really nice especially since we got to meet out photographer Juan Pont Lezica. Everyone was very welcoming - which was refreshing for a rookie. Also at dinner we found out which girls would be shooting today. I am not one of the 12, thank goodness. So far this experience has been great and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week is going to bring.

Kerry Beth
Preds Equiplinq Dancers

August 5
Pre-Order Now
The Preds Equiplinq Dancers & Liquid Ice Girls will be off in Destin, Florida from Aug. 9-13 for their second annual calendar photo shoot. The calendar will be released in time for the start of the hockey season. We're now accepting pre-orders for the Ladies of the Preds Swimsuit Calendar (click here for pre-order form).
Hey Preds fans! Another hockey season is right around the corner. Before we know it, well be at the Sommet Center cheering on our team.

What you may not know is that we dancers have been preparing long before the puck drops on the 09-10 season. I’m actually sitting here at The Edge Salon getting some last minute hair touch-ups before the calendar shoot at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort in Florida. It does take a lot of hard work and preparation to get ready. We have multiple meetings with Coach Jamie, Bill and Charles from The Edge, and our amazing photographer Juan Pont Lezica and his wife Kimberly, to decide on swimsuit styles and colors, hairstyles, and each girls overall image. But after such an incredible experience last year, I can't wait to get down there again. In addition to making another beautiful calendar for you all, we will have a chance to bond as a team and basically have some vacation time with 25 of our closest friends. It actually is a great opportunity to get to know our rookies and this year our new coach Jamie!

Lindsay at 2009 Dancer Auditions
All of us veterans got to meet Jamie the week before tryouts, chat a little bit, and jump right into learning the audition choreography. Jamie brought a new touch to tryouts, as she had us help teach the aspiring rookies and answer questions on Day One, rather than having us all learn as one big group. It was fun (and less stressful) to get to watch prelims for a change and to see all the talented new girls. Then on Day Two I was as nervous as ever since it was now time to audition with the finalists from Day One. Even though it is my third year, my spot was anything but guaranteed. We auditioned in pairs and began the day with some freestyle. Once that was over, the judges called us into a room one at a time for a five to ten minute interview, while those waiting practiced the Day One choreography over and over. Then finally it was time to perform what we had worked so hard to perfect and everyone brought their A-game! I’m glad I wasn’t a judge!

Even though it was a huge relief for it all to be over, we were then told that the 09-10 Predators Dancers wouldn’t be announced until later on in the week. More waiting and nervousness!

Finally, three days later, I got a call welcoming me back and telling me to watch the video on the Preds website to see who my teammates would be. That was such a creative touch! I am honored to be representing the Nashville Predators for a third season. See you soon!!

Lindsay G
Preds Equiplinq Dancers
Lindsay's Bio Page

July 31
Whoo hooo! I'm officially a Liquid Ice Girl for my third consecutive season! I'm thrilled about it! I just love the Predators so much - and I can't imagine not getting to be a part of the games! I'm so thankful I'll get to be on the ice and near the action! We've got an awesome team with returning veterans such as Maranda, Molly, Katy, Logan and myself, and we've nabbed three new (super skilled!) skaters - Lindsey, Sarah, and Christina! You guys are gonna love them! I think we have a great new squad, and we all can't wait for the season to start!

We're getting really close to photo shoot time! That's right guys, the Liquid Ice Girls and the Predators Dancers are yet again journeying down to Destin to shoot the Ladies of the Nashville Predators Swimsuit Calendar! I am so excited about it! We're going to be staying at the Sandestin Beach & Golf Resort again (it's so beautiful!). It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it, right? Just kidding!

Stephanie (left) and Taylor (right) during last summer's Calendar Shoot at the Sandestin Resort in Destin, FL.
I've made my swimsuit selection - Hope you all like it! Here's a hint. It's red! - and I know a lot of the girls are making last minute selections as well. I've got a consultation with The Edge Salon in Brentwood (who will be making the trip with us) to make sure my *New* red locks look their absolute best! Everybody I've spoken with is in full diet and exercise mode - we're all hoping to look our absolute best! We're tan, we're healthy, and we're excited!

Last year we traveled down to Destin in two vans, (thanks to Franklin Motor Co.) and although road trips can sometimes be monotonous, we had a blast! I'm really excited about it myself! We all can't wait to get down there, start shooting, and see the final results! I'm sure there will be lots of sneak peak pictures that will be posted on here - so keep checking back!

Keep your fingers crossed that we have nothing but beautiful weather while we're down there - and we'll see you in September!

Liquid Ice Girls
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June 24
Watch highlights from the 2009 Preds Equiplinq Dancers Auditions, including the announcement of the team for the 2009-10 season.

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