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15 Years of Predators Hockey: Reid Simpson

by Stu Grimson / Nashville Predators

The Predators celebrate 15 years of hockey during the 2013-14 season. Having played in the early years (2001-2003), an anniversary like that gives you cause to reflect. The one thing about this game though; it’s not so much the game itself as it is the guys you play with that sticks with you.

So, in this series, I am highlighting a few of the Preds I played with. They are chosen not so much for their abilities on the ice as they are for their personality off it. Said another way. Chosen not so much for their character but more for the fact that they were characters. See the difference?

Reid Simpson: “Simmer” and I were teammates but we never played together. I was injured from December of 2001 on and it was unclear that I would return to action. Therefore, David Poile went out and acquired Reid; he was a great pro, he had been around and he knew his role well - lead and be a physical presence.

The one wrinkle to Simmer joining the group was the fight he and I had the previous year while he was a member of the Blues and I was playing with the Kings. Watch here

If you didn’t understand hockey players you would have projected that Simmer and I on the same team would have been a distraction to the rest of the team. Not so. Reason being, Simmer let the air out of the situation very early on.

I believe it was his first day as a Predator when Simmer declared “Did you guys know Stu and I fought last year … yea, true story, I came in third place!!!”

What a beauty.

See you around the rink.

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