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Stanley Cup Journal - Miroslav Satan

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins
Miroslav Satan

Bratislava, Slovakia

Join hockey's most prized trophy as it parties throughout the summer of 2009. As each member of the Pittsburgh Penguins assumes possession of the Stanley Cup for one day, get an insider's view through exclusive stories, videos, and photographs via the Hockey Hall of Fame's Stanley Cup chaperone (aka "White Gloves") - no one gets closer! The Stanley Cup Journal is presented by
Trib Total Media and content is provided by the Hockey Hall of Fame.

After 14 years and 4 NHL teams, Miroslav Satan finally gets his name on the Stanley Cup. It had been a frustrating season for Satan, but with a happy ending like the one experienced June 12, 2009, life couldn't get much better.

The Stanley Cup descended the stairs of the plane in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, on Thursday, August 27, and was greeted by a bank of cameras and reporters, but Miroslav Satan was not there to take the Cup. One of the media members with a strong command of English whispered to the Keeper of the Cup, "He's on his way, but he's been caught in traffic." For 45 minutes, the television cameras shot images of the Stanley Cup until Miroslav arrived.

Satan greeted the throng, then took the Stanley Cup and jumped into his car. A motorcade including Satan and the Cup was on its way to a media conference at Restaurant One when the lead car in the procession was pulled over by the police for speeding.

Now, hockey players know the power of the Stanley Cup. Like Satan, you dream about it your entire life and fight hard to capture it with your team. And fans know the power of the Stanley Cup, driving for hours to stand in line just long enough to touch, kiss and get a picture taken with the greatest trophy in sports. But the Stanley Cup holds other powers too.

As the police were about to ticket the driver in the motorcade, Miroslav stepped out of his car with the Stanley Cup. The jaws of the police officers hit the shoulder of the road where they stood. After a few pictures of the police officers with the Stanley Cup, the speeding driver was warned to slow down and told to enjoy the day. Believe me, it was a whole lot better at that point!

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Miroslav proudly hoisting the Stanley Cup on the roof of his Dad's house. (Bill Wellman/HHOF)
 Miroslav took the Cup to a Volkswagen dealership where the staff got the chance to get their picture taken with Lord Stanley's mug.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)


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