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Stanley Cup Final Media Day Quote Roundup: Part 2

by Pens writing staff @Penguins / Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pens took part in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final Media Day on Sunday afternoon. Here are some highlights from the event (Part 2)… 

Cullen on being back in the Final: "It doesn't get old. I think the excitement is the same as it was last year. It's just one of those experiences that is unbelievable. You just never get tired of it. The excitement doesn't change."

Bonino on being hungry again for the Cup: "I think we are hungrier than ever. I think knowing how much fun it was to win last year makes you want it even more. That has been our goal all year-was first make the playoffs and then try to repeat. I think it wasn't our driving force. We just want to win, but you get a sense of why it is so difficult. It is a lot of hockey. It is 100 games back-to-back. It is physical, it is tiring, but it is also very rewarding. We are only four wins away, so we are really going to try and do it."

Murray on his emotions heading into the Final: "Excitement, a little anxious to get started. Most of all I feel fortunate to be here. I just want to seize the opportunity. It's something I don't take for granted."

Murray on being named with Ken Dryden last year: "That was undeserved. Nobody will ever be Ken Dryden. There's no point in even trying. It's cool to have your name on the same Cup as him, but I don't think of myself as anywhere near the same league as Ken Dryden."

Maatta on repeating compared to last year: "I don't think we are going to think about that too much. There is a lot to focus on this round. Obviously everyone has their mind wrapped around there being a chance to make history. That kind of feeds the hunger. That is shown in the locker room this year."

Fleury on if he thinks about this is his final days as a Penguin: "I try not to. I try to go day by day. We'll see at the end of the season."

Hainsey on playing without Letang: "We've had to do it a different way, there's no question about it. When everybody's healthy, we've been focusing on doing it the way we can do it. None of us can fill in the 29 minutes the way he does."

Hagelin on relationship with Hornqvist: "He's really important, he's a true Viking. He's a guy that brings it every night, he's intense, but he also knows when not to be intense. I think every game and every practice you're gonna know what you get from him and he's a treat to be around." 

Guentzel on what his dad has been telling him: "He's fired up. I don't think I've ever seen him this intense in hockey. He can't wait to get out here."

Guentzel on his path from entering the league this year to going to the Stanley Cup Final: "It's a dream come true. As a kid, this is what you dream about so you make the most of it everyday and soak it all in because this doesn't happen very often. With the group of guys we have, we're confident what we have. We have a lot of good leadership on our team."

Daley on what it means to be at this point after missing last year's Cup Final: "I'm excited. I got to do this part last year, the whole media day, but last game after the Kunitz goal just thinking of finally getting a chance to do this and it being so soon after - it feels like we were just here doing this last year. It's obviously really special and I'm going to try and take full advantage of it."

Dumoulin on repeating: "If you're here you have to give it your best shot because for a lot of us it's early in our career, you never know if you'll get back to this point again. You never want to let an opportunity slip. Look at a guy like Ron Hainsey who's been in this league for so long and this has been his only chance to get a Stanley Cup and play in the playoffs. You can go your whole career and not get this opportunity to play in the Stanley Cup, especially back-to-back. I think we have a lot of hungry guys in our locker room that want this opportunity."

Sheary on not taking everything for granted: "Everyone said don't get used to this and here we are again. We are back with another chance to do that again. It is kind of hard to step back and realize this isn't going to happen every year. We are a very fortunate group. I think we have earned our way here, but at the same time we have to make sure not to take it for granted."

Special thanks: Nicole Jelinek, Ben Segelbaum, John Petrolias.

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