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Quote Roundup: Pens-Preds (Game 5)

by Nicole Jelinek @Penguins / Pittsburgh Penguins

Here is what the Pens had to say heading into their Game 5 matchup with Nashville...

On being back on home ice

Sullivan: "I think our guys are excited to play for a lot of reasons, but certainly we find a comfort level at home. I think our fan base is one of the big reasons why. They are so supportive of our group. I know our whole team - our whole organization - are so appreciative of the fan support that we get, and I think that has a lot to do with the success that we've enjoyed here at home this season."

Evgeni Malkin: "I know this building is loud. We'll use our speed and win the game."

Kunitz: "We had success in our building the first two games of it and finding an outcome to win the game. It felt like the fourth game was maybe one of our best games, but we didn't get the outcome. It is one of those processes of playing Pittsburgh style hockey and trying to get the win."

Hagelin: "They are always loud and they are always pushing us to be the best we can be. That is what's good. We played well at home and they have always had our back. Going into the building, we get energy from our fans."

On what the Pens need to do to break through

Crosby: "Try to get some more zone time. That is probably the best thing, if we can hold onto the puck and create some offensive zone time and force them to play defense. I think that is probably our best way to handle that."

Malkin: "If you score one goal it is not enough to win. In the last two games, we needed to shoot the puck more. We know we can score more than one goal. Just play the same. Last game, we had lot of goals come close, but not in. I am glad the power play was a little bit better. I hope we score (tonight), but just play the same. Score more for sure."

Sheary: "It is all about the process. This is a long series, so the fact that we are starting to play better and get more good chances is a good sign. I think just because we didn't get the result doesn't mean too much. It is a three-game series now. We just need to win the next one. We need to focus on that and hopefully bring another strong effort like we did in Game 1 in Game 4."

On closeness of group and having this opportunity a second year in a row

Kessel: "It would be pretty sweet. Play here two years and win two. There is a lot of letting go stuff. We have got to try to get the next one and best of three now. So, it is going to be a battle."

Malkin: "We have a short summer, but it is a fun summer. When you win, it is so much fun. I know people talk that we are tired, but believe me, they are tired too. It is not like only we are tired. There are only three games left. We do not talk about being tired. It is only like 180 minutes. We have good lines and young guys who are flying. I am not tired myself. I want to play because it is so much fun. We are playing the Final. I am not feeling tired. I am feeling excited. I can't wait."

Sheary: "You go through it last year and realize how hard it is and you go through again and are in the same spot. Hopefully you get the same result. It is all fun. It is the second time through. You have to enjoy it. You have to realize you don't get these opportunities every year and take it in strides."

On matching up with Nashville's defense

Malkin: "You don't have time to change much. We do what we do today. We know what we did wrong and what mistakes we have. Just small things, like face offs. We are a good team. It is a fun series to play."

Crosby: "I think both teams are trying to find that line of forcing teams into mistakes and being aggressive and not making your own. I think that is really what it comes down to. Probably both of us have made a few plays that ended up going back the other way, but you can't sit back and let teams come at you. Sometimes that is going to happen and you are going to make mistakes, but for the most part, both teams are trying to play pretty aggressive and force the other team into turnovers."

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