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Quote Roundup: Pens-Oilers

by Jeff Carpenter @Penguins / Pittsburgh Penguins

Here is what the Pens were saying in the locker room heading into their matchup against Edmonton...


On joining Pittsburgh: "I'm looking forward to the first start, change of scenery, and really looking forward to tonight."

On PKing: "It's something I'm comfortable with and enjoy doing, take pride in doing so if I can help here it's great."

On fitting in: "It's been pretty easy, actually, it took me by surprise. I've never done this before and it's a little stressful with changing your living situation and all of that. All the new guys have been good."


Cole: "The speed that he plays with, not only skating, but skating with the puck and making plays at that speed with the puck. It's very unique. He is very unique. There isn't anyone quite at that level in the whole league. ... You adjust some of your reads and some of your angles because he is that explosive."

Kuhnhackl: "He's a really dynamic player, a really good player in this league. We have to make sure we take his space and time away and make sure we play hard on him."

Sullivan: "It's not like we're going to change our game just because we're playing a certain opponent. We certainly have to be respectful of his speed because that's one of his strengths. He's a dynamic player. He's a really good player. His speed is probably his greatest asset and so we're going to have to be aware when he's on the ice. It's going to be important that collectively as a group we play the game the right way. We have to have back pressure on the puck. We have to make sure that we hang onto pucks in the offensive zone to force his line and their group to expend energy defending us. I think there's a lot of things that go into it, but certainly we have to be respectful of his ability to play at a high pace."


Cole: "We have a job to do, and that's to shut down the Edmonton Oilers, Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, and all the really good players they have. It's certainly going to be a unique challenge. It's tough. I don't know if you can completely shut down Connor McDavid, I think he's too explosive and he's too good. But I think you try to limit the ice, limit the space that he has and really try to make the game tough on him. There's a chance he can still make plays even if the game is tough. But luckily we have some pretty good players on this team too that can hopefully do the same thing."

Kuhnhackl: "They are almost playing the same style as us, trying to use their speed to their advantage. We just have to make sure we are smart with the puck because if we have turnovers, they have good speed, are good in transition, so we have to make sure we are aware with the puck."

McDavid: "It's a little bit of a different matchup. I think most nights for me, I'm trying to score and they're worried about maybe slowing our line down. With a matchup like that, you need to worry about slowing them down. They're a good line, all four of those lines are good and it's a tough matchup no matter who you're playing."


On his season: "Coming off a good season last year, just biding my time, working hard, doing what I can on and off the ice. Things sometimes just work themselves out when you work hard and play hard, and I'm really fortunate that that happened."

On being undrafted: "Being drafted is really important, teams put a lot of stock in guys. I think it speaks a lot to the Penguins organization that they saw I was playing well and I put the time in. That they are giving me this opportunity and I hope to take advantage of it."

On a 'wow' moment: "Absolutely. I think anybody in my position would feel the same way. Walk into the locker room, see a swarm of people and not knowing who they are interviewing, turns out to be me. Stuff like that. Being in the locker room with incredible talent, some of the best people to ever play the game. Stuff like that, little things like that are definitely wow moments."

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