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Quote Roundup: Pens-Oilers

by Michelle Crechiolo @PensInsideScoop / Penguins Team Reporter

Here's what the Pens are saying heading into the first meeting between Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid…


Murray: "(McDavid) is obviously a special player. He's probably a generational player. A lot like Sid personality-wise. Pretty serious at the rink. All business. He wants to be the best, so he's a real good player and obviously poses a pretty tough task for defenders. It's going to be a challenge for us to keep him at bay."

Fehr: "Personally I really enjoy any time you get fans extra excited for a game. For myself, just to see some of the best players in the league, obviously I haven't had the chance to play against him (McDavid) yet. It's a lot of fun and there should be some good energy in the building. 

Sullivan: "They're two great players and I know they're obviously two of the elite players in the league right now. That's always exciting when they're on the same ice surface. From our standpoint - and with all due respect to both of the players, they're both terrific players - they're two pretty good teams too. The way I look at it is we're trying to improve as a group, we're trying to get better as a group. We've got a big test against a really good team tonight."



Hagelin: "You can see every time he's on the ice he wants to make a difference out there. He's a great leader and he drives our team."

Fehr: "He's playing pretty well right now (laughs). When he's hot, he's definitely hot. He's the best player in the world for a reason and he's going to get a couple bounces, he's on the ice a lot. He sees the ice at a different level than everybody else. He's going to score those kinds of goals."

Cole: "It's tough to quantify what he's doing. You can look at how many goals he's scored and points he's had in the six games he's been back; I guess that would quantify it. But I think what he's doing away from the puck, how he's playing defense, how he's tracking guys down, how he's chasing the puck down, how he's back checking; those are things you can't quantify and that's what is so impressive to me that he's doing."



Crosby: "I think just his speed stands out the most. I think that allows him to do so many other things. But he sees the ice really well. He's strong on the puck. His hockey sense and his speed are probably the biggest things, I think."

Schultz: "He does everything at such a high speed. It kind of feels like he's going faster when he has the puck than when he's skating without it. He's dangerous. You got to have tight gaps on him. Don't give him time and space because he's going to make plays. He's got so much speed and skill."

Murray: "He's a naturally gifted skater. He's not a totally powerful guy by any means, but he's such a gifted skater and his stride is so fluid. And he just looks like he's not even taking any strides but he's blowing past you. He's dangerous and you see him do it every game where he beats a guy wide or uses his speed and cuts to the middle. He's a dangerous player so we've got to be aware of him."



Crosby: "It's been good. Both guys are really good on the forecheck. Obviously Haggy's got a lot of speed and can create a lot with that, push D-men back and he's able to create a lot of space with his speed. So I think Horny kind of does the same thing no matter who he plays with. Goes to the net hard. He's on loose pucks. I think all three of us just try to work hard, create turnovers and get to the net quick."

Hagelin: "It's been a lot of fun. I think we've had two and a half games here where we've done a pretty good job creating chances offensively and putting the puck in the net. Hopefully we can continue that."



Sullivan, on Phil Kessel's presidential push: "He'd certainly bring a sense of humor (to the Oval Office). I can promise you that. I'm not sure he's really thought through his domestic policy or his foreign policy yet, so we'll reserve judgment (laughs)."

Crosby, on if he's ever played against McDavid in any setting: "No. I'm old."

Crosby, on who he looked forward to facing as a rookie: "I always wanted to play against Steve Yzerman and I think unfortunately he got hurt the game before I ended up playing against the Wings that time. Didn't end up playing against him. Peter Forsberg was another guy that growing up, I really liked to watch and got a pretty hard lesson, I think, going up against him the first couple times I played him. I was minus-5, so I think I was watching a little too much that night (laughs). But we saw them a lot. You played your divisional team eight times, so he was in Philly. I saw him a lot and learned pretty quick that now I've got to compete against him, not necessarily watch him. That was fun."

Schultz, on facing Edmonton for the first time since the trade: "Lot of different players there, but it'll be fun. I've never really gone against a former team before, so it's something new and I'm looking forward to it."

Hagelin, on starting to produce offensively: "Yeah, it's always nice when you can help the team offensively. It's just a matter of finding that rhythm in the game and once you do that, points are going to come. More important, you've just got to find your legs and find some comfort on the ice. I usually have had pretty bad starts through my career, so it's nothing new to me."

Kunitz, on playing with Malkin and Kessel: "I think you know the world of play-making skills Geno has and Phil can find those soft passes. He's really good at being deceptive and throwing people off. That opens up space for us all to get into certain places and make plays. That's something we still need to work on, getting better, getting out of our end with the puck, instead of chasing it. That' something as s a line we have work on, being in sync and working toward that offensive production."

Kessel, on the team's chemistry helps with his personal game: "I think that's what everybody here thinks. We all get along great here and we have a good group. We played together for a while now as a group and we complement each other. We want to win and win for each other in the room." 

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