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Quote Roundup: Pens-Hawks

by Pens writing staff @PensInsideScoop / Pittsburgh Penguins

Here's what the Pens were saying in the locker room heading into their matchup with the Blackhawks…


Crosby: "I think it should motivate us. Any time you have a game like that, you play that team again, you want to make sure you bounce back and respond the right way. I think points are important, everything is important anyway, but it's good to have that if you're looking for extra motivation, for sure."

Sheary: "It's in the back of our heads, for sure. When you play a top team in the league like this you're definitely going to get up for that. I think it should be a good matchup and hopefully we can put out a better performance than we did last time. We just took our foot off the gas and we let a team run all over us. Once we got down, we got down on ourselves instead of getting up and getting positive. I think maybe tonight if we're down a goal or two, we just kind of got to rally together and make sure we're still in the game."

Cole: "I think you never want to get embarrassed, and they embarrassed us. It's something where I don't think it's a confidence thing, this team is very mature and professional. I think we can put it past us and move on. We're still in, record-wise, a pretty good spot, and we've gotten better since then. We tried to take the positives out of it, obviously there's not too many positives to take out of a game like that. Moving past it, moving on, and moving on to the next thing and a long season is beneficial in a scenario like that."

Hagelin: "We owe these guys something. We have to come out and play a hard game. They embarrassed us in that last game, and it's time for us to embarrass them."

Sullivan: "I think as players and coaches, there are never games that you want to be on the wrong side of and when you are, you certainly want to make sure that you respond the right way. Listen, this is a good team we're playing. We should have plenty of motivation to want to play the game the right way. Just with where we're at in the schedule and how we're trying to play and gain some traction, we've had a few strong games here we've put together. We've strung a couple of wins and we certainly want to continue in that regard. I think there's a lot of reasons for us to want to play hard tonight. But any time you're on the wrong side of that type of a score, I think it certainly is a situation where you'd like to respond the right way."


Sheahan: "It's a lot of fun playing with those two guys. They are hounds on the puck, in the corners they do a good job of battling. For us, I think we're just playing a solid game in our defensive zone, getting out of the zone quick, and that allows us to play in the offensive zone. It's been a lot of fun so far."

Hornqvist: "I think we're hard on pucks. We make those small plays in the corner and we always support each other. That's been our key here the last few games and that's why we're successful. We're hard on pucks and we get those little longer shifts in their end and then things start to open up for us."

Sheary: "We all kind of bring something different to the table. The thing I can bring is my speed and being quick on the forecheck. I think I'm pretty good at that. But we all do something a little different and I think right now it's just meshing pretty well."


Rowney: "I think today was a good step and I've been making progress here these last couple days and it was good to be back out with the team. I think I got to talk it over with the medical staff and the doctors and see what the next step is. For right now, I'm kind of limited out on the ice. No contact. Just trying to get the pace of the game back and trying to get inserted back with the team and get my legs 

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