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Quote Roundup: Game 3 (Blue Jackets)

by Nicole Jelinek and Sam Kasan @Penguins / Pittsburgh Penguins

Here's what the Pens had to say heading into Game 3 of their First Round playoff series against the Columbus Blue Jackets. 


Sullivan: "I think we just have to be aware. We need to have awareness on the ice at all times. Playoff series get emotional. As the series goes on and history is developed the playoff series take on more intensity and more emotion."

Crosby: "I don't really find myself in them too much. I find guys look for me when I am in there. I think the best way is to stay out of them. There is not much to gain as far as I am concerned. I think that has been the case for a really long time. You learn pretty early that it is not really a place you need to go."


Sullivan: ""We have an opportunity to win a game, an important game. We have a lot of respect for Columbus and how good of a team they are. They are a really good hockey team. We know it is going to be a battle. As series progress, the games get harder and it is more difficult to win. That is everything we expect. Certainly what we are going to do is we are going to go to Columbus and do everything within our power to bring our best game. We are not going to get ahead of ourselves. We are going to focus on the one game in front of us. That is the approach we have taken with this team all year long and that will continue to be the approach that will take this team through the course of the playoffs."

Crosby: "They will be desperate, they will be fired up. We know that they play really well there. A lot of us have been in those games before. They are a physical team, so I am sure they will try to establish that early on. Just much of what we saw in the first few games, but teams are always a little extra motivated when they go back home."

Cullen: "It is the same game. Obviously we all draw some energy from our home crowd, but at the same time it is the same game and we know how to play on the road. It is important that we take care of our own business. I think in the playoffs it can be easy to get caught up in the emotion and excitement and noise in the rink but with the group that we have, we have been through it before. I think we have the capability to handle that."

Schultz: "It'll be loud. It'll be good. It is going to be a fun game to be a part of. That is always a tough building to play in especially in the playoffs. It's going to be fun."


Sullivan on shot blocking: "I think it is part of defending. It is keeping the puck away from your scoring area, so the more we keep the puck from our scoring area and deny those second chance opportunities the better chance we have to win. I think our guys are doing a good job getting in the shot lanes. I think we are doing a good job protecting the scoring area. I think we can get better, moving forward, at controlling territory a little bit better and spending a little less time there by hanging onto pucks in the offensive zone. Certainly, as far as our team defense is concerned, we have been really happy."

Cole: "There are certain angles that you want to take away. If you're going to err, you err on the side of what's predictable to (the goalie). Diving in front haphazardly leads to screens. You want to make sure you're in a good position and doing it smartly, not screening the goalie. If you screen the goalie you better block the shot. That's my mentality."


Crosby on balanced scoring: "You need that to have success-number one in the regular season but even more so in playoffs if you want to be consistent and you want to win games your depth is a big part of that. That served us pretty well so we need to continue that. It makes a huge difference when you have everyone chipping in like that."

Cole on starts: "It's no secret they come out hard. It's not secret they get a lot of shots in the first period. We want to try to prevent shots as much as possible."

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