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Quote Roundup: Game 2 (Senators)

by Pens writing staff @PensInsideScoop / Pittsburgh Penguins

Here's what the Pens were saying heading into Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final against Ottawa…


Rust: "Obviously we weren't happy with the result last game. We did some good things. We are going to try to build off those and learn from things we didn't do as well and try to get better."

Sullivan: "After Game 1s, both sides get a real indication of what the game plans are. So I think it gives coaching staffs an opportunity to not only assess their own team but also to try to assess their respective opponents and make the necessary adjustments that they think they need to make in order to help the group have success. As the series goes on, there becomes more familiarity on both sides and so that's kind of the evolution of the series, I guess."


Rust: "Yeah, it is a little bit different when you actually play against them on the ice, as opposed to just watching film. I thought our team adjusted well and we all got better as the game went on and got more opportunities in the offensive end."

Cole: "Yeah, you seem to have a little more time out there. They are a challenge in a different way. Maybe not as aggressive or not as physical as a Columbus or Washington, but they are a challenge in a different way. They are a puzzle we are still trying to solve completely."

Fleury: "It's different from the previous two series. They had a lot of zone time and shot a lot of pucks. I think it's just trying to stay focused, trying to stay sharp, follow the game and when they do have a chance, trying to be big and make the stop for our guys."


Sullivan: "Part of it, I think, is just a heightened awareness and a mindset to put the puck on the net. One of the things we did (Sunday) morning when we had our film session is we showed them a number of different opportunities where we felt we could have put the puck on the net and we chose not to. But I don't think it was something that just happened last night. I think this is something that's crept into our game over the last few weeks, and I think we've got to simplify our game a little bit and just look for opportunities to put more pucks at the net, and then we've got to get guys that are going to go to the net and try to compete for those rebounds and those next play opportunities."

Crosby: "I think they're committed to defending there. Whether it's shooting pucks or getting guys in that area to get rebounds, create traffic and screens, things like that. But I think they're pretty committed to protecting their net and we don't have to change anything. We just have to make sure when we get opportunities to shoot, we shoot it and we need to compete for rebounds that are there and get our sticks on those."

Rust: "They kind of back it in a little more in their D-zone. They do a really good job getting in the shot lanes and making sure they take away those grade-A areas. I think that is just going to make it a little bit harder on us and we have to be able to work a little bit harder to get inside the house there and get more grade A chances."


Sullivan: "Certainly execution is part of it. We did look at film and we have some ideas on some of the adjustments we think we need to make. But certainly we've got a capable group here. They generated a fair amount of scoring chances. We hit a post. Sometimes just because the power play doesn't score it doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't effective. And so we try to have a fair assessment with our group in letting them know if that's the case and so some of the power play was very good and there were a number of quality scoring chances. We didn't convert and ultimately that's what we'd like to do. But we think that this group is very capable. It's been a great power play for us all year. It's been a great power play for us throughout the course of this playoffs. And we know it will continue to be moving forward." 

Malkin: "We didn't score 5-on-3, 5-on-4 a couple times and we started to get frustrated, we were mad at each other a little bit. We need to forget everything. It's the conference final. Sometimes it doesn't work, but we need to support each other next game. If we have one or two chances, we need to help the team to score because our power play is usually so much better."


Sullivan: "They had great energy (in Game 1). They were competing. They were competing on pucks. They were hard on the forecheck. They were physical when they had opportunities. They were competing. They played really hard. I thought it was one of our better lines."

Rowney: "We have had a good couple games. We have created some positive shifts and I think we were trying to go out there and we came out in a positive way. Anytime we can grab some momentum, get pucks deep and defend. I think it has been successful early."

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