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Quote Roundup: Game 2 (Predators)

by Pens writing staff @Penguins / Pittsburgh Penguins

Here's what the Pens had to say heading into Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final against Nashville... 

 On what the Pens need to do differently in Game 2:

Bonino: "Just shoot more pucks. We looked at the film and we actually had a lot of zone time. We had more time in their zone than we did in ours. We just didn't generate any shots. So, if we can do a little bit better job of putting pucks on the net and getting pucks back, it should be a little bit better."

Rust: "Probably get a few more pucks to the net. We obviously didn't have a lot of shots. We didn't have a lot of chances. I think that is something that we are really focusing on here-is getting a little more offense. That kind of starts in our own zone, it starts with being able to move the puck quick and play our game."

Sheary: I think we definitely want to have a better start. I think throughout these playoffs, we kinda fell into that trap where we've been in a feeling-out process in Game 1. Coming into Game 2, we wanna use our home-ice advantage, use the fans behind us, use that momentum and try to have a really good first period."

On if there is less pressure with a 1-0 series lead:

Bonino: "Not at all. I think you don't breathe easy until you have won all four. We were fortunate to come away with the win. It is one win. It is a first to four. I would rather play like we did and get the win than lose the game."

Rust: "No. I think we know we have a lot better in here. I think that should kind of fuel our team a little bit. We didn't have our best effort. There were long stretches in the game where we didn't play very well. We got better. If we do play better, that is just going to give us better chances."

On facing Nashville's defense:

Sheary: "We've just got to get in their way a little bit more. A few of their guys are up in the rush all night. They like to join, and they like to play offense. They're dangerous when they get the puck at the point. Like I said, we just got to get in their way, make sure we're blocking shots and making it difficult for them."

Wilson: "I thought they played really well defensively, obviously, we didn't get a whole lot. I thought we did a pretty good job doing the same thing in our end. I think just trying to get pucks past those - off the D stepping out trying to block it, just trying to get it on the net and not necessarily worrying about scoring from beyond the arc there."

Rust: "I think anytime the other team has a goalie as good as him (Pekka Rinne), he is always a focal point. He is a big, athletic goalie who can play the puck well. We have to be aware of that. We need to get more traffic, more shots to the net and try to get some ugly goals because we know he is going to be on top of his game."

Crosby: "I think their goalie is really good at handling the puck. You have to put the puck in good places to forecheck. They've got some D that can skate themselves out of trouble. When I look at that, I think our forecheck has got to be a little bit better. There were some chances we had that we didn't execute. We missed the net or hit a skate on a pass that could have set up a shot."

Murray: "I think try to stay in their face as much as possible, not allow them to get going. That would be the biggest thing. Then, you know, they're going to get their chances, but at the end of the day it's just about trying to hold them off, playing hard defensively. I think being hard in our net front is key, too."

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