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Pens Talk Valentine's Day

by Michelle Crechiolo / Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins will be spending this Valentine’s Day with each other in freezing cold Winnipeg. In honor of the Hallmark holiday, we asked some of the guys some lighthearted questions about their plans tonight and whether they’re going to do anything special for Valentine's Day birthday boy Brandon Sutter, who turns 24 today.

The best quote about Valentine’s Day came from Joe Vitale…

And the second-best came from Pascal Dupuis when I asked him about the valentines that get handed out at school.

Thanks to Dupuis, Vitale, Marc-Andre Fleury, Chris Kunitz and Tyler Kennedy for being good sports! Here’s more of what they jokingly said about spending Valentine’s Day on the road and the holiday in general.

Got big plans for the evening with the guys?

FLEURY: I think maybe we’re just going to maybe draw names and go on individual dates. I think that would be a good way to celebrate Valentine’s.

KUNITZ: We’d all just hand out cards like elementary school. Throw in some Power Rangers, a couple GI Joes, some Ninja Turtles.

KENNEDY: Nothing yet. We’ll see if someone asks me to go for dinner, but right now nothing’s coming up.

DUPUIS: We’re probably going to go for dinner like we do usually. I won’t bring any roses or stuff like that. Should be just a normal night for us.

VITALE: I’m sure a couple of the guys will go out for a Valentine’s Day dinner. I don’t know if we’re going to be sharing champagne and strawberries, but we’ll go out and probably share a few laughs in beautiful Winnipeg. It should be a good night.

Anything special planned for Sutter, whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day?

KENNEDY: Maybe we’ll get him a cake or something. Maybe it’ll have a little heart on it or something for him.

FLEURY: I just found out (it was his birthday), so nothing planned. But thank you, that could come in handy soon.

KUNITZ: He got the day off, too. That was nice. Having a birthday on Valentine’s Day is interesting. I’ll have to get some stories from him.

DUPUIS: I probably will wish him a happy birthday, but no cards.

Best gift to get a Valentine? (Fleury’s got the perfect nickname for this).

FLEURY: I think flowers are a good go-to. I think girls always like flowers. Can’t go wrong with that, but you’ve got to switch it up every once in a while so she doesn’t expect it all the time. But it’s got to be in there once in a while, definitely. My wife is a big chocolate fan, so chocolate is always a must, too, I think.

KUNITZ: I’m assuming it’s just flowers. Nothing too exciting. My wife’s birthday is just under two weeks away, so usually she gets a better present for her birthday than Valentine’s Day. I think it’s just kind of one of those Hallmark holidays that you want to just make a point to make sure you do something or say something special to somebody.

VITALE: Honestly, I think the best gift I could give my wife for Valentine’s Day – which I didn’t do because we’re going to Winnipeg – but what I would love to do in the future, is, with two kids, just give her a full night’s sleep. I’ll tell her to go upstairs, put on the earplugs and facemask and go to bed at 8 at night and I’ll see you at 8 the next morning. Give you 12 hours. For her, I think that would be the best gift she could ever ask for. It’s the simple things now.
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