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by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins

Q: US vs Russia: Which is better?

TV? Food? Women?

-Matt C

Evgeni Malkin (EM): There is a difference for everything. The food is a little bit the same, but you can still find some differences. The television is different. The biggest difference is the women. Its kind of difficult for me right now to communicate with women.

Q: Is living in the United States different from what you expected?


EM: I didn’t see much difference. Before, I was traveling a lot to different countries and I was here before, so it really wasn’t a huge difference to me. The biggest and hardest difference is the language barrier. It’s hard. My biggest thanks go to Sergei Gonchar for helping me with all the adjustment.

Q: How have you spent the majority of your free time when not practicing or playing?


EM: Compared to Russia, we play many more games over here. Every time I have free time, I just try to relax. I am still going shopping and to restaurants and to different places. When we have free time, I just watch TV and movies.

Q: How far have you progressed in learning English and do you hope to learn more this summer?


EM: That’s a difficult thing, the language. I didn’t have much practice or many classes when I was back in Russia. I learned it in school, but it wasn’t at the level where I can communicate with someone. Compared to when I came here, I understand much more and I can communicate with teammates. Unfortunately, right now it’s hard to talk to media people. Hopefully, in the summer, I will pick more up by taking classes or something like that. Then, when I come back I will be able to communicate with my teammates and maybe with the media.

Q: Do you feel separated from your teammates due to the language barrier and how do his teammates communicate with you?

- Diane

EM: No, I don’t feel like I am separated from my teammates. I am glad I got on this kind of team where they are all young players and we are all together. At the beginning I felt that I was maybe a little separated, but right now I have great teammates and I don’t feel like I am separated from everybody else. It’s hard to communicate, but we’re still all together.

Q: You sit next to Army (Colby Armstrong) in the locker room, how do you like him always talking to you non-stop!?

- Robyn D

EM: He is the funniest guy on the team and I am glad we sit together. He tries to communicate with me all the time. He tries to teach me something all the time. He tells me all kinds of history. He’s the funniest guy in the locker room and he makes everybody laugh. I am glad we have someone like Colby. Sometimes, times are rough and he just makes the difference by making everybody laugh. I am glad we have someone like him. He said he wants to visit Russia and that would be great!

Q: How important is winning the Calder Trophy to you?


EM: It’s important to me. I want to prove I am better or not less than Ovechkin, who won that award last season. Another side, I just want to help my teammates to win games. It is important, but there are two sides to it.

Q: A year ago, did you see yourself where you are today?


EM: This was my dream to play here and to be here. Yes, of course, one year ago I didn’t think that I’d be playing on one of the best teams in the league and we’d be in the playoffs. Once again, I think I did everything right. I think I am doing everything right in the situation I am in now. I want to thank God for everything that has happened for me.


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