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Penguins Report: Practice 11/1/10

by Tony Jovenitti / Pittsburgh Penguins

For injury updates, see 1:17 PM entry.

1:49 PM:
Coachspeak with Dan Bylsma...

On Jordan Staal's injury being a lost-time injury:
We are waiting to see. He left and went to see the doctor right now.

On Malkin and Letang:

There’s not a clear understanding. They are still day-to-day. When I spoke to you all before the game at Carolina, I hoped to see ‘Geno’ on the ice, so he is still day-to-day. Same thing with Tanger.

On one of Malkin or Letang being closer to playing than the other:
I can’t really say. I hope to see both playing in Dallas on Wednesday, but we’ll have to wait and see.

On making call-ups for the road trip:

Depending on what we see tomorrow, yes it’s a possibility.

On Goligoski:
There is nothing new on him today. We are hoping to see all the (injured) guys play. You never want to have three guys who are day-to-day like that. We’ll make an adjustment tomorrow whether we bring somebody up or not.

On Brent Johnson getting more starts due to his hot streak:
That’s something to think about. Having two games really – he allowed the goal in St. Louis in overtime – had two 60-minute games of not allowing a goal. He has some gaudy numbers right now. That’s definitely a factor in the decisions for these three games in four days.

On such a talented team giving a simple performance like Saturday in Carolina:

You have to try to build that identity and how you are going to win games into your team. I think that is something you have heard a lot about and that’s something that as a group we have to understand exactly how games are going to be played out and how we are going to be effective as a team. I think you saw something from our team that was a concerted effort on their part to say this is how we are going to play. That’s something we have to take a hold of as a team. Every team is different. This team is not going to be like last year’s or the year before. If you can carve that out and have that as your identity – whatever that is – you have that chance to have that consistency in your game.

On what you can do in games when you feel that slipping away:
There are some times where you change lines. There are some times where you make an adjustment in between periods. Sometimes it’s something on the bench. Sometimes it’s a player. There are different things that can change your mind in how a team needs to play. Those are all things that as players and as a group we need to be aware of.

1:43 PM:
Here are some sounds from around the locker room:

Sidney Crosby

On getting a chance to practice:
I think we’ve had every type of schedule now at this point. You have to make the most of the time you get at practice. Last year we never had time to practice. It’s nice to get these days in. When you do play it’s three-in-four (three games in four nights) like it has been the last couple of times. It’s intense and you have to make sure you’re ready for that cluster of games.

On playing Dallas only once a year:

There are pros and cons preparation-wise. I think everyone is prepared now and knows what to expect if you play them once or a few times. If anything we’ve seen from this year that just because you play a team once a year doesn’t mean it’s not going to be intense. We had intense games at Nashville and St. Louis. You never know. You want to be prepared and that’s always our focus, more so when it’s an unfamiliar team.

Brent Johnson

On if splitting time keeps both goalies fresh late in the season:

Of course. I don’t want to go that far into the future. We’ll go to Dallas and then from there. It’s nice to get some playing time. I feel good and I feel comfortable.

On if he knew he would have a strong game against Carolina:

It was kind of dicey at the beginning. I lost my footing a couple of times and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I felt fantastic in warmup. I felt really, really light, comfortable. Everything felt good.

On if he’s aware of the shutout late in the game:

You think about it for sure. You have to be ready for anything. If they would have scored with .3 seconds left on the clock it wouldn’t have shocked me. I would still have been happy with the win no matter what.

On last time he’s played with well:

It’s just a thing of playing a few games and not sitting out a long period of time before I play. I feel comfortable in that manner on the ice. I don’t know how long it’s been. In a lot of respects, I haven’t played a ton of games in the last few years. I’ve been primarily one every four games. I’m playing a couple games and it’s nice to get into a groove.

Pascal Dupuis

On what the Penguins did differently on Saturday as opposed to Friday against Philadelphia:
Obviously Brent (Johnson) played unbelievable and made some key saves for us. It was just the way guys approached the game. It felt different on the bench. We had guys like Sid going down and blocking a big shot there.

On that effort stemming from knowing Johnson would be in goal:

It has nothing to do with who is starting. I think as a team we didn’t play well enough in front of Marc-Andre (Fleury) on Friday. It’s a matter of executing the little details.

On keeping the moustache:
We didn’t do the (November) shootout yet. I have to keep it until we lose.

On knowing a lot about Dallas, Anaheim and Phoenix:
They are from the West and probably saying the same thing about us that they haven’t seen a lot from us. Our coaching staff is preparing us for every game. They are preparing videos so we will see plenty of videos and see their tendencies.

1:17 PM:
Dan Bylsma addressed Staal's condition after pracitce, as he left the ice 45 minutes prior to the end of practice.

On why Staal left the ice early:

Jordan left the ice with an upper-body injury and is getting evaluated right now.

On how discouraging it could be for Staal:
I can tell you my own feelings. And it’s disappointing on a couple levels. But mostly it's personal for Jordan, because he’s had a difficult offseason and training camp. And then to get to the point where you’re looking to coming back to play and possibly having to deal with another injury is disappointing.

Bylsma added that Malkin and Letang are day-to-day. Alex Goligoski, who left practice after 15 minutes on the ice, is also listed as day-to-day.

12:25 PM:
At 11:45, Jordan Staal left practice early.

11:43 AM:
Here are pictures from today's practice:

Pascal Dupuis (right) will have a chance to pass on the title of mustache boy at the end of today's practice. Unfortunately for Dupuis, the team didn't hold its mustache-boy shootout today. (Or fortunately for him, since he's on a bit of a hot streak).


11:25 AM:
Here are today's lines:


The six defensemen rotated.

11:21 AM:
The Penguins are practicing at Southpointe today, as they look to build off the success from their 3-0 win at Carolina on Saturday. The team is preparing for its Western Conference road trip this weekend, with stops in Dallas, Anaheim and Phoenix.

11:10 AM: 
Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang are not out on the ice for practice. Malkin left Friday's game against Philadelphia and did not play at Carolina. Letang is out with an upper-body injury. Head coach Dan Bylsma will address the injuries after practice.
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