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Penguins Report: My SoCal Adventure

by Jason Seidling / Pittsburgh Penguins


Not surprisingly, the topic of discussion with Penguins captain Sidney Crosby was his fight on Wednesday night with the Dallas Stars Matt Niskanen. Here is the transcript of Crosby's media scrum:

Sidney Crosby

On missing practice on Thursday:
Yeah, no it was nothing.

On his fight with Matt Niskanen:
Like I said (Wednesday) night, I was upset there with ‘Tanger’ (Kris Letang) and what happened. It’s not something you plan. That’s the way it happened. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do that every game. It could be another two years before it happens again. It was just one of those things that happened.

On how much attention it got:

There are a lot of things that are like that sometimes. That’s the way it is. It’s not something that typically happens, so I guess in a way you can understand. I don’t worry about that stuff too much. It’s been that way for a while.

On dominating the fight:
You had two inexperienced (fighters). Those things happen, but it’s not something you want to make a habit of. A lot of things can happen in a fight, whether it’s the other guy’s doing or whether you get tangled up and fall the wrong way.

On the fallout from that game:
You are going to lose games where you play well and lose. That is going to happen. The league is competitive. I think at the same time, you don’t like the feeling that you didn’t give yourself a good enough chance. I think that was the feeling after the game and again here (on Thursday). We have to be better. We have a lot of guys who care. That has always been a big part of our team – the character. We are looking to bounce back.

On Anaheim goaltender Jonas Hiller:

He is really good. I played against him in the Olympics and he had an unbelievable game. Each time we have played against him here he has played well. I think it’s only been a couple, but he has played really well. He is very poised.


Coachspeak with head coach Dan Bylsma:

On spending time as a color commentator during his time as a player with Anaheim:
Well, it meant I wasn’t playing, so it wasn’t that good. I had a few knee surgeries my last few years, so I had about 60 games as the color analyst for the Ducks. It was too many.

On what happened against Dallas on Wednesday:
I don’t know if we don’t know (Loui) Eriksson, (Jamie) Benn, (James) Neal. We know who (Brad) Richards and (Mike) Ribeiro are. They came out hard and they played hard. They won puck battles and they were better than us. I don’t know if that was the respect factor, but when you watch it again, that’s evident again.

On the penalty shot:
It was a great move.

On his idea of what a penalty shot is:

I know that when our guy goes on a semi-breakaway and gets taken down, I want a penalty shot. When their guy goes down on one, I don’t want one.

On playing through a tough stretch:

I might disagree with you about us not going through stretches like this in the past. There is a challenge. We are not at our game and given the situation that it appears we have, we have not made a commitment to playing the way we need to play to be a hard team to play against and to get to the offensive zone. Being 6-6-1 is not where anyone wants to be. That’s the challenge for us as coaches and as a team. We have to find our game and a willingness to play a certain way so we can be effective as a group.


Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma said today was a maintainance day for Sidney Crosby and that the Penguins captain should be in the lineup on Friday night against Anaheim.

"It was just a maintainance day. We have a few guys who are banged up," Bylsma said. "It was better for (Crosby) to stay off the ice.

"I'll know more tomorrow, but from what I do know, he should be alright."

Bylsma also said that forward Pascal Dupuis should arrive back in Anaheim later on Thursday night, so he too will be back against the Ducks.

Here are some pictures from today's practice at Honda Center:




The Penguins have hit the ice at Honda Center for practice. All are present and accounted for except forwards Pascal Dupuis, who returned to Pittsburgh yesterday to be with his wife, Carole-Lyne, as they delivered the couple's fourth child, Lola, and Sidney Crosby. Jordan Staal, who is on IR, is also not practicing.

Head coach Dan Bylsma will provide an update on Crosby's and Dupuis' status following practice.

Finally, because we were pretty early to practice at the Honda Center, Potash took me to Angels Stadium to grab a couple of pictures. I'm a big baseball fan and love stadiums, so it was neat to see the Angels home up close, especially the big 'A'.



As we drove around the stadium and I kept seeing the 'A' logo, I couldn't help but think about one of my favorite movies, Angels in the Outfield. I remember first watching this movie with my mom and grandma during a special viewing at Three Rivers Stadium as part of the 1994 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Remember, 'Ya Gotta Believe!':


So after we left the zamboni factory, Potash, who was born and raised in Beverly Hills, insisted that he had to take me to In-N-Out Burger, which he told me is California's version, albeit on a smaller scale, of Primanti Bros. He has been talking to me non-stop about this place since he heard I was making the West Coast trip.

Potash was so insistent that I had to have a burger from In-N-Out Burger that we actually drove almost 20 minutes of our way to find the closest one, although I didn't mind because it enabled me to see Disney Land.

Again, notice the palm trees. You're going to see that trend in these pictures. It's only about 90 degrees here today.

Finally, we reached our destination.


Once we got inside, I was blown away by the simplicity of the menu - they only had four choices! Potash ordered for all of us (and treated, thanks again for that!). All three of us had the Double-Double - double meat, double cheese and onions. I elected to not have tomatoes.

If that doesn't make you hungry, I don't know what will.

I'm trying to stay on a strict diet right now, and absolutely hate taking pictures, but Dan insisted I break away from both today. Man, was I ever happy that I listened because this burger was all that it was cracked up to be and then some. Easily one of the top three hamburgers I've eaten in my life.

As I took my first bite, Potash insisted he had to take a picture, and that I had to use it in my blog. Since he drove me around all day and bought me lunch, and because he reads all of our stuff, I'm going to post the picture even though I really don't want to. I know my interns, who always try taking pictures of me, are going to love this. Here's my first bite!

I loved the burger so much, I actually bought an In-N-Out Burger t-shirt to take home to commemorate by trip.


As I settle into my seat here at the Honda Center in Anaheim, we are still about 30 minutes away from the Penguins conducting practice at the Ducks' home. With a little time to spare before I have to begin reporting the news of the day, I'll fill everyone in on the fun adventures I shared this morning with FSN reporter Dan Potash and producer Lowell MacDonald.

At 9:15 a.m. (Pacific Time), we rented a car and left our hotel to make the 45-minute drive to Paramount, Calif., home of Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc. - the place where zambonis are made.

Richard Zamboni, son of zamboni inventor Frank Zamboni, and Paula Coony took the three of us on a tour of the facility. Besides the shock of finding out that zambonis were invented and are manufactured in California, we learned a lot about the process it takes to build the ice resurfacing machines.

FSN Pittsburgh and will have features later in the year regarding our trip to the Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc., but for now here are some pictures from earlier today. It's just so weird to see a zamboni sign and then have palm trees in the background.

Notice the palm trees! Not to make anybody jealous.


At left, Richard Zamboni explains to us how zambonis are made.
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