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Penguins Report: Goligoski Returns

by Sam Kasan / Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins are now another step closer to returning to full health with Thursday's announcement that defenseman Alex Goligoski will return to the lineup against the Montreal Canadiens tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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Sounds heard around the locker room:

Dan Bylsma
On Goligoski playing
He's going to play tonight.
On giving Goligoski his pre-injury workload
In this particular case, I don't monitor how he feels in the game. I'm not really too concerned with the amount of ice time he gets. If he gets towards his average, he'll be fine tonight given the injury that he had.
On Goligoski helping the power play
The last game he played was our best game on the power play. He gives a different element on the piont, coming into the backdoor. We've had our best success with him in that position this year. Hopefully that will be one of the keys to getting a better result on the power play.
On playing in Montreal
I asked 10 guys on the ice today how they feel about playing in Montreal and it doesn't matter if they're from Nova Scotia, or Montreal, or Minnesota, everyone is excited about playing here. There is something about this building against the Canadiens, everyone gets up for this game. There are certain players, Sidney (Crosby) being one of them, that rise to this occasion and that's why those players are special and he'll definitely be excited tonight.

Alex Goligoski
On handling all his usual responsibilities
I'm getting healthy and getting practices in. Once you go out for the game you shouldn't worry about minutes. You should be in good playing shape and ready to go.
On the back-to-back injuries
I've never really been injured in my whole career so it's kind of different, especially coming back from an injury and getting a different injury in the game back. This is a first time. First time for everything I guess.
On learning from watching while injured
It's much easier to play the game when you're watching it than when you're playing it. You have so much time when you're a spectator. You see stuff that works and stuff that doesn't. It's a good way to get a different take on the game. 

Sidney Crosby
On looking at his points
As an offensive player, that's what you're measured by but you have to be honest with yourself and know what your game looks like. There are times when you're playing good hockey and not scoring. There are times when the puck is going in for you. You just try to ride it out as long as you can and keep good habits. But I don't try to forcast anything or look ahead. If you do that you stop worrying about your game and getting in trouble.
On playing well against certain teams
I think it's an attitude sometimes. When you have success it's a good feeling and you want to build on that but you have to approach each game the same way. Having said that, there is always a confidence level that comes with that. Any guy will tell you that it's a part of the game, having that mental edge when you have success against teams.
On if he's thinking about the 2010 Olympics
To be honest, no. I'm more worried about playing (in Pittsburgh) and playing well. When the time comes, hopefully I'll be there and playing well, that's the most important thing. I think if you take care of things here and worry about your game, that shows well and that's where you want to be come that time.
On playing in Montreal
It's the atmosphere. Everybody loves it. You feel the buzz and it's exciting as a player to come into that. I'm sure the guys that play here feel it everyday. For us this is a unique place and we all realize that. For our team, we have some French guys that enjoy playing here, coming home. There's a little extra when we come here. That hasn't changed since the first time I was here.

Marc-Andre Fleury
On putting a new NHL team in Quebec City
That would be awesome. I'd love it to have another team in Quebec. For us it's a chance to see our family and friends a little bit more. Just as a fan it would be awesome to follow another team in Quebec and get a rivalry between Montreal and Quebec.
Playing against Montreal
It's always fun. I don't always have my best game here but it's fun to come back and play at the Bell Centre. It's good to be here with family and friends. It's pretty fun.
On the Carolina game
Last game we had some ups and downs. I think if we can play a solid 60 minutes the way that we want then we should be in good shape.
On if he looks at the game as a battle against Carey Price
I look at it as Penguins vs. Canadiens. I don't make it personal. He doesn't shoot on me. I worry more about their forwards.
On working on his game with goaltending coach Gilles Meloche
It's great to have him around all year long. We can watch tape and it's sometimes small things like positioning or decision making, technical stuff. Having him with me and being able to work on that stuff is good.

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The Penguins are now another step closer to returning to full health with Thursday's announcement that defenseman Alex Goligoski will return to the lineup against the Montreal Canadiens tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Goligoski had missed 10 of the Penguins previous 11 games with an undisclosed injury. The blueliner leads all Pittsburgh defensemen with 16 points (6G-10A) while posting a plus-11 rating in 21 contests.
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