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Penguins Report: Game Day at Los Angeles

by Sam Kasan / Pittsburgh Penguins






Sounds heard around the locker room:

Dan Bylsma
On returning to Los Angeles
The first thing you think about when you get off the plane or the bus and see the city, are familiar things. I have fond memories. This is the team I broke into the NHL with and played a number of years with. You see those memories of where you lived. That's the first thing. The next thing that strikes you is coming back into the building. You see a lot of familiar faces, a building you played a lot of games in. There are lots of good memories that keep coming back.
On reunited the Cooke-Staal-Kennedy line
You saw the spark in the offensive zone and speed and tenaciousness on the puck that they provide. That was evident, for Tyler Kennedy right from the first shift with that speed. They're dangerous in the offensive zone because they have that tenaciousness, speed, they get to pucks and they can wear defensive pairings and lines down in the offensive zone. That's a good third line to had. 
Update on Malkin's progress
He's progressing in rehab. The important part is the rest part. Even skating now would take away from the rest and rehab and strength that he needs. That's where the focus is. He's progressing and moving along in the right direction.
On Los Angeles
I think they were thinking along the lines of being young and progressing and they find themselves being a very dangerous team right now. They're a quick team to the offensive zone. They've been very effective at getting guys in front of the net, pucks to the net. They've been a team that's hard to play against for how fast they play and how they play in the offensive zone. That's the strength of their team right now. Their defense, while being young in some aspects, is showing that they are very talented as well.

Brooks Orpik
On playing against Rob Scuderi
It's always fun to play against guys that you've played with. At the same time it's just like playing against any other player when you're on the ice. We've both been kind of busy but hopefully we'll have some time to catch up after the game. But it is always fun playing against guys that you've played with.
On his long history with Scuderi
With (Boston College), we were in Wilkes-Barre together and then Pittsburgh so we were together for eight years. With the way the league works there is a lot of player movement. It's not surprising that you played against guys that you used to play with, as opposed to five years ago when you could keep your team together more. I know he's enjoying it out here but I'm sure it will be a little bit different for him.
On facing Kopitar
We don't see him much except for on TV. First time I saw him was playing for Slovanian in the World Championships. He was only 18 then and he was a big, strong kid with a lot of potential. He is a little more polished now. He's a guy that has a lot of skill but is strong too. He can beat you that way too. He's a lot to handle. It will be a collective effort against him tonight. 

Sidney Crosby
On staying in touch with former teammates
Text messaging is great for that. We drop each other a text once in a while to see how things are going and just to say hi. 
On the team's road success
We've done a good job. We've been consistent, which is important and found ways to win. We haven't played our best every single game on the road but we've found ways to win. If you stay consistent, you give yourself that chance. That's something that we try to focus on.
On the Kings' top players
They're all strong guys. They go into traffic areas, score goals around the net. They score goals with skill. With a lot of those lines and individuals, they can beat you a lot of different ways. That's the reason they are successful. We'll be aware of that and whoever is out there has to make sure they are responsible and smart. We always look to our team game. If we can control the play and hold onto the puck, that's time that they won't have it. If we can get our puck possession game going, hopefully we'll take away from their time and some of their chances.

Mark Eaton
On playing Rob Scuderi and Ryan Whitney
As far as the games go, it's no different. Even though they are former teammates, during the game he's the opponent. You're doing everything you can to win the game. In Anaheim we went out to dinner with Ryan the night before. It's good to catch up in those regards and maybe see Scuds tonight. It's good to see them and catch up but when it's game time, he's just another player on the other team.


Here are some action shots from Pittsburgh’s morning skate:

Mark Eaton prepares his stick as you see the view from the press box at STAPLES Center.

Marc-Andre Fleury stretches before joining the group to hear what head coach Dan Bylsma has to say.

A look at the action from the Penguins' bench.

The Penguins appear to be reuniting the Cooke-Staal-Kennedy line. The trio skated together at Pittsburgh’s morning skate. The line shakedowns were as follows:



The Penguins have arrived at the STAPLES Center. They are changing into their practice gear and will take the ice at 11:30 am (Pacific time) for their morning skate.

The Penguins have really suffered during their West Coast trip. The team's trip, much everything about the organization, has been first class. Pittsburgh's hotel is right on the beach in California. With some downtime yesterday, a few players took some time to explore the area.

Just take a peak at some of the views along the boardwalk. (Photo assist to equipment manager Danny Kroll, "The Banker")


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