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Penguins Report: 4/2/12

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Malkin named NHL 2nd star (1:40 PM).
  • Pens' lines (11:10 AM).
  • Full lineup at practice (11:05 AM).
  • Lange and Bourque behind the scenes (10:10 AM).
  • Hanson Brother…’nuff said (1:55 PM).
  • Coach Bylsma on discipline, the Flyers & more (1:15 PM).
  • Cooke, Crosby & Fleury spit knowledge (1:50 PM).
  • Lange’s Journal (10:20 AM).
  • Plays of the Week (10:30 AM).
  • Pens pics (11:25 AM).
  • “There was a girl and I don't know her name either…” (10:00 AM).

1:55 PM:
The Hanson Brothers were back and puttin' on the foil - but this time for a good cause.

--Sam Kasan

1:50 PM:
Sounds heard around the locker room...

Matt Cooke

On the positives in their last two games against the Flyers:
(Last game in Philadelphia), it’s a knowledge of how it got away from us. We got away from the stuff after the whistle and the stuff that shouldn’t have any effect on the hockey game. We know that that wasn’t a factor last night. Last night I don’t think we were content at 2-0. We were trying to go for more goals and go for broke. We didn’t care for the puck the way we normally have, the way we did in the Buffalo game. I give Philadelphia credit. They’re a team that can score goals. When you turn the puck over it allows them to go on the offense.

On previewing the Bruins game on Tuesday:
They’re playing well. They’re one of the hottest teams right now. We had a good game (at CONSOL Energy Center) a couple weeks back. It was a physical game and I expect it to be the same. They’re trying to prepare for the playoffs. Anytime you’re playing the last three games you are trying to cue your game up for Game 1 of the playoffs. They have a goaltender who makes a lot of saves. They have guys that score goals as well. It should be a great game.

Sidney Crosby

On the Laviolette calling Bylsma gutless:
He’s upset. I think he’s wrong. He’s obviously wrong. There were no intentions when (Dan Bylsma) put (Joe Vitale) out there. It’s a line. It’s not like a special combination you put out there to start a fight. If anything he should look in the mirror and rethink why he had (Danny Briere) out there if he didn’t want him to get hit. I see it differently, definitely. 

On if it was over the top for the rivals:
I think that’s par for the course. I think both teams bring out that in one another. That’s certainly not our game, so we have to stay away from it. It’s useless for us to get caught up in it. We’re a much better team when we just play. I think it’s something that we will try to stay away from a little bit next time.

On putting puck management into action:
We need to do it. Dan has been talking about it, so we need to do it. It’s easier said than done sometimes. When you’re pressing and looking for opportunities you can make those mistakes so it’s just a matter of being more patient and making sure that those details are something we’re focused on a little bit more.

Marc-Andre Fleury

On the rowdiness at the end of the Flyer’s game:
It was exciting. It was a good body check by ‘Joey V.’ It went crazy a little bit and the guys were there. It was interesting I’d say. Disappointing to lose, definitely. That was rough, but at the end it was (exciting).

On if the playoff outlook changes their approach on Boston or New York:
No, I think they are two great teams. I think it’s a good challenge for us to get ready for those playoffs. We still have some stuff to work on. They will be fun games to play.

On if he expects to see a lot of shots from the Bruins:
Usually, I think that’s what happens when we play them. They take shots from a little bit of everywhere, guys crashing the net and that’s how they play. It should be fun.

On how he’s been playing:
Disappointing, frustrating. I let in a lot of goals those past three games. It’s rough going down like that. I have to do better, play better, get some wins. We have to hold that balance and stuff like that. Still, I’m looking forward to getting back and play again. 

--Brittany Goncar

1:40 PM:
Pens center Evgeni Malkin was namd the NHL's 2nd star for the month of March.

Full story here.

(Getty Images)

--Sam Kasan

1:15 PM:
Coachspeak with Dan Bylsma…

On responding to Milbury’s and Laviolette’s comments:
Antics and theatrics on the bench by their coach are just that. We don’t play the game. What happened on the ice was a clean hockey play. There was no penalty on the play. Their team took exception to a play where there was no penalty on. Our team probably would have done the same thing. There was one fight on the play. Joe Vitale played that shift exactly the way he played every shift in that game.

On if the Flyers aren’t intimidated by the Pens’ skill level:
I don’t know if that’s the case or not. We’ve played five games. We are 1-3-1 in those games. They’ve had success in those games. I’m sure they’re not intimidated at all by the way that we play. They’ve had the success. But it doesn’t seem like we’ve been able to play the way we need to play to have success against them. I think that’s part of where we need to be focused at.

On if he’s heard of any disciplinary action taken by NHL:
I have not. I don’t see why I would hear from the NHL.

On how he’ll balance Fleury’s play down the stretch:
We’re going to stick to the schedule that we have at this point in time. He’ll get back in there. It’s going to be a big game against Boston, the Rangers or Philly. He’s going to have another game or two to play going into the playoffs. He’ll get the rest that we think is in his best interests to be rested up for the playoffs.

On what the Pens need to do better in the offensive zone:
One key for our team is without the puck, even when we’re playing in the offensive zone, is our high forwards, F-3. Sometimes that forward has the puck, so it’s not just when he doesn’t have the puck. That’s a key for the way we need to play and defend is that player and his responsibility, where he’s at on the ice. That is a huge factor for our team when we’re playing defensively. When we play that way we are able to play quick and aggressive defense, smother teams and prevent them from getting speed on the attack going the other way.

On how he’ll handle the final three games of the season:
We’re going to try to win every one of these games. We’re going to try to beat Boston. We’re going to try to beat the Rangers and make a statement with that game. Then we play Philadelphia on Saturday. We’re going to try to win that game and beat them here before we start the playoffs.

On the Bruins:
It’s a road game for us against this team. They look to match up against our top players. That’ll be interesting. Who will (Zdeno) Chara be focused on, which line, which player? When we played them last time, we played a team that was hovering around .500 for 10 games and not playing one good and one bad. They a handful of starts where they got behind by two goals or three goals. They had to fight their way back. We had one of our better games last time against them here. We’re going to see a team now that’s winning some hockey games, one of the better teams in our conference, defending Stanley Cup champions. We want to make a statement playing against them. You’re going to see the matchup situations as well. It should be a pretty hard-fought game, pretty good matchup.

--Sam Kasan

11:25 AM:
Pens pics...

Fleury peers over the shoulder (left); Staal tests gravity (right)

Asham and Dupuis play catch (left); The captain (right)

Kennedy goes green for the Irish (left); Kunitz and Neal exchange movie quotes from Dumb and Dumber (right)

--Sam Kasan

11:10 AM:
Pens used the following lines/D-pairs at practice...



--Sam Kasan

11:05 AM:
The Pens are on the ice for their practice. All healthy players are present and accounted for. Lovejoy the only missing player. 

--Sam Kasan

10:30 AM:
Since it is Monday, we'll take a look back at the best plays of last week.

--Sam Kasan

10:20 AM:
Speaking of Mike Lange, he discusses Mario Lemieux's five-goal game against the Rangers April 9, 1993 in his weekly Journal.

--Sam Kasan

10:10 AM:
Last week PensTV gave you guys a look at how Hall of Fame broadcaster Mike Lange and color commentator Phil Bourque cover a morning skate. This time PensTV is taking you into the radio booth to watch the duo call a game. Great stuff and of course I love the call "Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too." That's good advice. Anyways, check it out below.

--Sam Kasan

10:00 AM:
Good morning from CONSOL Energy Center! Today the Pens will hit the ice around 11 a.m. for practice. Then the team will head to the airport for a flight to Boston. They'll battle the defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins Tuesday night in Beantown.


Since the Pens are going to play the Bruins in Boston Tuesday, we'll start off the day with a band that hails from Boston - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The song that put them on the map - with a little help from a movie called Clueless - is "Someday I Suppose." So below is the video, featuring the band clowning around the streets of Boston. How do you like them apples?

Anyways, enjoy.

--Sam Kasan
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