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Penguins Report: 2012 Development Camp (Day 3)

by Sam Kasan / Pittsburgh Penguins

The prospects had yet another full day of activities at development camp. It started in the morning with meetings, followed with some power skating drills and 3-on-3 scrimmages.

The players spent the afternoon with two squads going head-to-head in some paintball action.

Full details and coverage of the day below…

We here at the Pens website, the No. 1 U.S.-based NHL site, have a passion for reporting the news. We dig deep to find the facts and truth and bring them to you. We brave any danger in the name of journalism.

I was given a very risky assignment by the assignment desk (a.k.a. Michelle Crechiolo). I was embedded in the paintball fields with General Zach Sill and the Resistance Army in a vicious battle against the Rebel forces (and I’m aware that Resistance and Rebels are kind of the same thing, but I’ve rationed this with the idea that there is no established power or rule of law. Only chaos exists in the Urban Assault paintball fields).

There lived a collection of brave men in Sill’s Army. They were the defenders of justice and freedom (and an orange flag on a pole). They heroically risked getting pelted with small balls of paint for the salvation of mankind and, more importantly, bragging rights.

I was armed only with a flip cam, cleverness and a thirst for the truth. Thankfully, I survived the many assaults – my JV track experience came in handy, as well as screaming “Don’t shoot, I’m a journalist!” I was however wounded, getting struck twice in the shoulder and once in the head. M*A*S*H unit doctor/Penguins athletic trainer Scott Adams pieced me back together.

This band of brothers in Sill’s Army faced heavy opposition. But with the forces of good and righteousness on their side, they triumphed in all four battles. Liberty once again ruled the day. Years from now the locals will speak of that day with awe and admiration.

The world is safe for Democracy once again, and I lived to tell the tale of their bravery. .

All-Star embedded reporter (me).

The Rebels load the weaponry.

Olli Maatta smiles as he gives London Knights teammate Scott Harrington the orange badge of Sill's Army.

Guerin and Pouliot conspire a coup.

Joe Morrow/Predator takes aim.

More shots from the battlefield.

Sill's Army defends their territory, which consists of a series of tubes.

When the fire fight gets tough, this embedded reporter hides in the bushes to tweet.

After the final Rebel falls, Sill's Army celebrates the victory. But there really are no winners in paintball.

The group gathers together.

Players get their instructions.

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