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Penguins Report: 2/12/11

by Sam Kasan / Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Photos of the Pens cab ride and Central Park practice (12:38 PM). Full story at (6:55 PM).
  • Bylsma, Godard and Talbot discuss Friday's game against NY Islanders (6:44 PM).
  • Bylsma: Tangradi won’t play vs. NYR; the Pens recalled Tim Wallace from WBS (6:08 PM).
  • Early day photos of the team getting ready at MSG (12:08 PM).
  • More pictures form the end of practice and bus back to MSG (4:06 PM).
  • Even more pics of the team arriving at MSG (10:35 AM).
  • “Karma police, I’ve given all I can. It’ not enough…” (10:08 AM).

6:55 PM:
Great piece here by former intern Deborah Francisco (my very first intern with the Pens) on today's Central Park practice. I feel like a proud father.

6:44 PM:
It was a fun and eventful day for the Penguins. But here some key hockey related items to note:

Head coach Dan Bylsma

On Tangradi:
"Tangradi will not be able to go tomorrow."

On the cab rides
"It was quite a sight. I think the gentleman involved in the accident backed off a little bit when he saw a whole hockey team get out with sticks and gloves in their hands. If he had known anything about last night, maybe that's why he backed off.

On Godard leaving the bench:
"We have a situation where I did say, 'Don't go.' I don't have my hands on every player on the bench. Everyone kind of stood up and your natural reaction, I actually said don't go."

On if he weren't able to coach a game:
"I have not spoken with the league in this point in time. ... Todd Reirden runs the defense during the game. Tony (Granato) is at my side running the forwards. He would take over that responsibility if the coach (wasn't available)."

Eric Godard

On anything was said before he left the bench
No one said anything. There was all that stuff going down in the corner. Max got in a fight with Haley. I rememer seeing him skating towards the penalty box. I looked down at the pile again. I heard commotion and saw him skating towards Johnny. I just jumped and went after him. ... I saw him skating towards Johnny and I just kind of went.

On the automatic 10-game suspension:
I'm aware of the rule, but at the time I'm not thinking about it.

On regrets:
We're in a tough spot right now with a lot of guys out. Yes I regret it. But no, I'm going to try to defend my teammates. I'm kind of torn with that.

Maxime Talbot

On his scrum with Martin:
I was surprised.

On what started the sequence:
There was no talk. It was probably my hit on Comeau, which I did not get a penalty on.

On ever experiencing anything like what Martin did:
No, my first time. ... You never expect to get grabbed from behind and punched like that. I'm not a guy that would stand down if someone comes to my face and asks me.

6:08 PM:
Coach Bylsma announced that Eric Tangradi, who left the game against the Islanders, will not play Sunday afternoon against the Rangers. Thus, the Pens recalled Tim Wallace from WBS.

4:06 PM:
After practice the Penguins stopped to sign autographs. The team then boarded the bus back to MSG to shower and change. All in a day's work.

Brent Johnson drops the gloves to sign autographs (left)

Letang, Adams and Dupuis (left); Godard and Staal (right)

Kennedy and Martin (left); Staal (right)

Coach Bylsma fist bump (left); a little kid asked Fleury (right), "Can I have your helmet?" His response: "I need it for tomorrow's game."

Team Black defeated Team White in the practice scrimmage that featured four-on-four with coaches playing.

12:38 PM:
Here is the mother load of photos. As I said earlier, the bus we were riding in to practice had an accident. So the players and coaches filed out and all jumped into cabs (with their gear on). You don't see a hockey team in full guard wandering the streets of New York hailing cabs. Or do you? I assume not, but I could be wrong.

Brett Sterling (left). They don't travel like this in the AHL.

Talbot, Engelland and Conner load the cab

Nick Johnson (left); The Quebec boys: Fleury, Dupuis, Letang (right)

Talbot (left); Dupuis and Letang (right)

After arriving at Central Park, the players take a stroll through the paths to the rink for practice.

The players stopped to sign autographs before practice (if you look closely you'll notice that Staal and Letang switched helmets. I'm still not sure why).

Puttin' on the skates.

Once they lace the skates. It's time to head out for practice.

Goligoski (left); Adams and Orpik (right)

Johnson and Martin (right) come down the runway

Just another day at the office.

12:08 PM:
A lot to update. On the way to Central Park our bus and another car hit each other. The accident forced a delay, so the Pens players, coaches and staff jumped out of the bus and into cabs to practice. A lot more pics to come, but here are some quick shots for the time being.

Putting on the gear (minus skates) at MSG. Engelland (left)


Loadin' the bus

Talbot (left)

10:35 AM:
Early morning pics...

The team gets off the bus at MSG

The crew walks up the long ramp and through the hall to the locker room

The visiting locker room is occupied for a concert this evening at MSG, so the Penguins equipment crew set everything up in the Rangers home locker room.

10:08 AM:
The players, coaches and staff are currently on our way to Madison Square Garden via bus this morning. The Pens will be practicing in New York this afternoon before taking on the Rangers Sunday afternoon.

We'll start the day with some Radiohead, "Karma Police." Lots of great options with Radiohead, it's hard to go wrong with any song. But Karma Police always conjures up some great memories. Enjoy.

BONUS! Radiohead performed a version of their song "High and Dry" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, before it became the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (one of my all-time favorites). Team Coco all the way.

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