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Penguins Report: 11/7/11

by Sam Kasan / Pittsburgh Penguins

  • The latest on Crosby, Lovejoy, Staal and Kim Kardashian (11:45 AM).
  • Staal doesn’t practice (10:05 AM).
  • Crosby gives the (non) update…nothing new really (12:08 PM).
  • Bylsma talks Crosby, lines and injuries (12:06 PM).
  • New reporter Matt Cooke is a fast learner (3:30 PM).
  • Remember that game against the Sharks? (9:55 AM).
  • Malkin spits lots and lots of knowledge (3:35 PM).
  • Top 5 plays in numerical order (9:50 AM).
  • Mike Lange talks about his first trip to Pitt (9:40 AM).
  • Pens pics (10:42 AM).
  • “Wha wha wha what did she say?...” (9:30 AM).

3:35 PM:
Sam Kasan....Kasluca Heights.

If you missed this, a great interview with Evgeni Malkin. Unfortunately unless you speak Russian then the video probably isn't worth watching. But luckily for you, here is the English translation.

Fun fact: Ty mne nravishya is Russian for "girls love." I'm 64 percent certain that is accurate...)))))

3:30 PM:
Ka ka ka ka san...

There was a special guest member of the media in Sidney Crosby's scrum today: Matt Cooke. As the media circled Crosby, Cooke was trying to get out of the way (his locker stall is next to Sid's). But when he got trapped he decided to help out. A few media peeps were boxed out so Cooke decided to lend a hand, literally. He took two recorders and held them in front of Crosby. 

Look at that form. He looks like a seasoned vet (special thanks to Jen Bullano of @PensPRLady for the pics).

12:08 PM:
Sidney Crosby chats with the media...

On the results of his doctors appointment:
Good. Nothing’s changed. Just going to get a good week of practice here, that’s for sure. See how everything goes.

On people saying Friday may be the day he makes his return:
I guess they know more than I do, because I haven’t really thought about that. I’ve thought more about just getting through this week. That’s a possibility, just like another however many games left there are. Their guess is as good as mine.

On if he would like it to be this Friday:
I’d love it to be, but I would have loved it to be on the West Coast trip too. I didn’t play there. So there’s a lot of different guesses, but like I said, everyone else’s guesses are as good as mine.

On the next step:
I think I just tell them how I feel. That’s usually how it goes, giving feedback and let them know how I’m feeling. They usually have tests or ways of evaluating. They use that too. It’s kind of a combination of what I’m telling them and their expert opinion.

On possibly playing during this last West Coast trip:
I wanted it to be before that, too. Not any more than the other games played this year.

On the nature of his doctors appointment:
Just to make sure we got the appointment in. These next few days we’ve got team building and stuff like that. We’re going to be busy. There’s no point in staying out there for a morning skate when I can get in and get an appointment and get some good days in here.

On ramping up contact:
We’ve got a few practices, so I think whether I was trying to get contact in or not, I think this was a good week of practice to get some intense practices in and make the most of it. We don’t get stretches like this too often. So yeah, it’s a good time to really go hard and see how things go.

On returning on 11-11-11:
I’m superstitious, but I wouldn’t let that affect whether I came back that night or not. When I’m ready, I’ll be back as soon as I can – no matter what the date is.

When I become a star I'll do anything for you: Michelle Crechiolo

12:06 PM:
Coachspeak with Dan Bylsma…

On Crosby:
He was back at practice today. I thought he looked pretty good out there myself. There is no timetable, no date for Sidney, just continued practice and opportunities to be involved in bumping. He continues to progress.

On using a practice solely to give Crosby contact:
There are certain players that are more apt to be involved in physical contact with Sid. Yes, we do. I have and do put people against him that will be inclined to bump him. He’s had a lot of great battles with Ben Lovejoy on power play and penalty kill the past two years. Those are situations you look to keep them on opposite teams so they can battle.

On if the decision for Crosby to play will come without warning:
We are not waiting for an epiphany to make a decision. He’s progressing. He’s going down that road. I’ll reiterate to you again, there is not a timetable or date right now that we know and you don’t. He’s continuing to practice with the team. He got back out there after the weekend. He’ll continue to practice with the team this week. There is no timetable.

On if the Sullivan-Malkin-Neal line will be split when Crosby comes back:
The one thing that sticks in my mind at this point and time, Malkin, Steve and Neal have been great together, the first two practices and scrimmages Tyler Kennedy was with Sullian and Malkin. They were unbelievable as well. The line combinations when we get Sidney back haven’t been decided. I think TK still fits nicely with Malkin and Sullivan. Even today in practice TK was going with Sidney in a drill. The strides he’s made with his play and mindset when playing with top players is significant. He’s a guy that can fit in as a top 6 as well.

On the team building:
We have an opportunity to do something away from the rink and not on the ice. It’s not a long time, but we’ll have today and tomorrow to do some things as a team and group, including our significant others. They’ll be a part of what we do as well.

On Lovejoy:
Right now we’re talking long term, minimum of six weeks. We don’t have a definitive timeframe right now. He’s just wearing the cast right now. He’ll be in there for a while.

On Staal:
The rigors of competing in a game are going to be different than practice. We knew we had four, five days of rest here. We knew that he would need more rest after he played the game Saturday. Not a setback. We knew he would be getting yesterday and today off from practice.

11:45 AM:
Sa sam Ka san. A couple of updates on the team:
  • Crosby said he hasn't thought about a return date, just trying to get through this week. He added that nothing's changed after meeting with the doctor.
  • Lovejoy is going to be a long-term injury, minimum six weeks
  • Staal hasn't had a setback. It was just a scheduled day off

10:42 AM:
SSSSSSS SK. Pens pics...

James Neal getting his skate fixed by asst equipment manager Danny Kroll (left); Neal getting his helmet fixed by asst equipment manager Danny Kroll. He's so needy today (right)

Engelland gives Crosby a shoulder bump, contact baby (left); A big smile from Crosby (right)

Paul Wall (left); Letang with an wardrobe malfunction (right)

10:05 AM:
SK. So the Pens are on the ice at Southpointe for practice. Jordan Staal is not participating.

9:55 AM:
Sa sa sa sa sam Kasan. As stated earlier, the Pens had their West Coast trip last week. PensTV is going to take a look back at those contests. Today, we'll relive the showdown in the Shark Tank.

9:50 AM:
Saaaam Kasan. It's Monday, so it's time to take a look back at the best plays of the week.

9:40 AM:
Sam Kasan. In today's installment of Mike Lange's Journal the Hall of Fame broadcaster talks about his first impression of the city of Pittsburgh after getting off the plane.

9:30 AM:
Good morning from Southpointe! The Pens are back to work with an 10am practice today after having Sunday off. The team finished its West Coast swing through San Jose and Los Angeles last week, coming away with three out of four points in the standings, quite a successful road trip.

Pittsburgh will have Tuesday off and will practice Wednesday and Thursday. The Dallas Stars will be in town Friday night. It will be the first meeting between the two clubs since last season’s trade of James Neal and Matt Niskanen for Alex Goligoski.


As stated above, the Pens and myself spent four days on the West Coast, and I kept thinking of Jason Derulo’s song “Don’t Wanna Go Home” because, well, I didn’t want to go home. California is beautiful.

The thing I love about Jason Derulo – which has been pointed out by many scholars, comedians and playwrights, is that he introduces himself at the beginning of all of his songs, just to remove all shreds of doubt in the listener’s mind as to who is singing.

So in honor of Jason Derulo I will be introducing myself at the beginning of every blog entry , just to remove all shreds of doubt in the reader’s mind as to who is writing.

But back to the music, I'm going to open the day with Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" because its got a great hook with the amazingly voiced Imogen Heap on it. And JR wears an awesome chain wallet in the vid.


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