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Penguins Report: 11/10/11

by Sam Kasan / Pittsburgh Penguins

5:10 PM:
Pascal Dupuis and his mustache were kind enough to wear a mic for us at Thursday's practice. Here's a hilarious clip of the goings on. Even Cardboard Orpik got involved!!!!

3:11 PM:

Alex Goligoski Q&A...

On adapting to Dallas:
It’s been fun. It was a whirlwind, but starting the year this year things have been great. The team is playing really well. It’s a little different weather, but it’s been good nonetheless.

Goligoski (right) at Thursday practice
On acclimating himself:
You get settled, get an apartment, you’re more comfortable, you get to know the guys better. It’s a better situation. When you’re comfortable then you’re playing well.

On playing his old team:
I’m sure it will be weird. It’s not too weird coming to the building, but playing against the guys it’s going to be kind of weird having been with them for so long. It’s like I know what they’re going to do before they do it, and they probably think the same thing about me. It’ll probably be a little weird for a few shifts there.

On having more opportunity to play in Dallas:
We had a lot of good defensemen in Pittsburgh. They were looking for a forward for a long time. It was just one of those things. Someone has to go if you’re going to be bring someone in. Hopefully, it works out for both sides. Both teams are doing well, so right now it looks like it.

2:33 PM:
PensTV fireside chats...



2:17 PM:
The Stars are on the ice for practice at CONSOL Energy Center. Check back later for a Q&A with Goligoski.

Former Pen Alex Goligoski trades in the blacks and yellow for the red jersey (left); A lot of mustaches in Dallas (right)

Kari Lehtonen (left) and Andrew Raycroft (right). No wonder their goalies have been playing so well. One guy has no net, while the other is behind the goal line. That's cheating.

1:45 PM:
Coachspeak with Dan Bylsma…

On what needs to be seen for Crosby to play:
From a coach’s standpoint, we’re not looking for an indicator on the ice that says Sidney can play. From a medical standpoint – in terms of doctors, clearance, the next steps, progression – that’s all from the doctor’s directive. That’s not something I know a lot about.

On the Flyers-Lightning game:
I’ve seen it happen a couple times against them. I scouted a game that Nashville played against Tampa last year in Tampa Bay. Nashville had the lead and it was something similar to that. It wasn’t quite as stagnant as we say. I was watching the game. I was watching Dallas play. I got a text asking me what I thought of that game. I hadn’t seen it. I only had a couple e-mails talking about it. What Nashville did with a 3-1 lead and stood back there, I’d be more apt to think that is something I would think about doing versus when it’s 0-0 or the start of a game.

On Lovejoy:
I will tell you the same thing I just said about Sidney. I know what bone he broke. I know he broke it. I know that he’ll be immobilized for 6 weeks and take a look at it. I don’t know the doctor terminology. We don’t suspect that it will be just 6 weeks. It’s going to be longer than 6 weeks. We just don’t know how much longer than 6 weeks.

On the drastic change in schedule:
We’ve played a ton of hockey. We haven’t played as much lately. Practices have taken a different tone. Approach in-between games has taken a different tone now that we’ve had a few more days and more rest periods, harder practices. Today we got back to a practice we’d see in-between games. I think we all knew we needed some rest. We also knew we needed some practice time, some hard practice, difficult practices. There were things we needed to work on. That was a good thing for our team. Now we have to get ready and focus on a very good Dallas team that’s coming in here playing very good hockey, beating some good teams, and has the most points. We have to be ready for maybe the best team in the league right now.

On how eager he is to get Crosby back in the lineup:
Eager is not the word I would use at all. In terms of seeing him progress, knowing the length of time and what he’s gone through the past 10 months, you want to make sure we’re going through the right steps to have him return and be healthy and be ready to play. Eager is not what I look at. He looks great, he flies around, but in terms of the progressing and the rehab the doctors have set out, going through that step, practicing with people, we definitely want to go through that process. When that process is over sometime down the road we’ll see one of the most gifted players in the world return to the game.

On the process of sending Dustin Jeffrey and Steve MacIntyre on conditioning assignments to WBS:
In terms of them going down to play in those games, talking with (WBS head coach) John Hynes in terms of what we’re looking for, what they need to be involved in part of their rehab. Dustin and Steve are different. Dustin we’re looking for minutes, we’re looking for situations, we’re looking for him to be tested and to be able to skate and play in an 18-minute-a-night game. Steve hasn’t played a lot of hockey and getting a regular shift, getting some time on the ice was something that wasn’t going to happen in the next few games with us so to get him down there and get him to be able to skate on a conditioning assignment is advantageous for them both. Dustin really getting his feet underneath him, getting the minutes and getting in those situations for him to maybe take that next step in his skating and where his rehab is at.

On if it’s easier to wait for injured players to return since the team is winning:
I would like to tell you that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It’s not about whether we win a game or lose a game, it’s about the health of the players. It’s about following the rehab, what the doctors think is best and what they prescribe so that a player can return to full health before he can get on the ice. It’s nice to be having to say that having a good record because I think that it doesn’t matter whether we win a game or lose a game or not doing or we are doing well because it’s about that process, it’s about a player returning to full health before he gets back on the ice. Whether it’s Sidney Crosby or Tyler Kennedy or anyone in our lineup.       

Boy with a coin that he found in the weeds: J-Crew

1:02 PM:
Pens coach Dan Bylsma said that Crosby will not play in next 2 games and that Tyler Kennedy will be a game-time decision.

"Although we've given no timetable or date, I will confirm that Sidney is not playing in the next 2 games," Bylsma said. "He had a good week of practice and is progressing, but he won't be playing this weekend. We're not keeping a secret. When he plays we'll make sure we let you know.

"Tyler Kennedy will remain a game-time decision going into (Friday's) game."

11:48 AM:
Pens pics...

Dupuis' mustache is approaching epic status (left); Letang gives Martin the silent treatment (right)

One player shields his face to hide his secret identity. Unfortunately HC Bylsma points at the clearly displayed number on his helmet. #busted (left); Black and yellow, black and yellow. Or as my French friends likes to say "blacks and yellow blacks and yellow." She doesn't speak English so good (right)

Staal zones out as Dupuis brags his "Classic Dupuis Dijon" mustard (left); Fleury falls asleep standing up...weird I know (right)

11:10 AM:
The Pens are on the ice for practice. With the exception of Michalek, Lovejoy and Strait, everyone is accounted for.

9:45 AM:
It's Thursday, so it's time for the Pens 24/7 Radio Rewind. This week we chat with forward Steve Sullivan after the LA game. (Listen to the guy conducting the interview. If you can correctly name that illustrious reporter then you'll get 5 points).

9:30 AM:
On Wednesday the Pens held their 5th annual Project Bundle-Up. I mentioned it late in yesterday's Pens Report with this uber precious photo. (Click here for full photo gallery).

But since that was late in the day, I'd like to give it another shout out for being such a great program. Here is Michelle Crechiolo's full report, and below is the longer video version from the event.

9:00 AM:
Good morning from CONSOL Energy Center! Groundhog Day continues as the Pens practice for the 34th straight time without playing a game (slight exaggeration, just slight). It does feel weird that the team opened the season with such a compressed and hectic pace of games and now have to sit around for a week until they get to play. Although I'm not complaining about the breather.

The team will practice today at CONSOL Energy Center this afternoon at 11am. The hottest team in the NHL will visit here Friday night.

Tonight the Penguins Foundation will hold its first annual Coaches and Connoisseurs Wine Tasting. Pens coaches, alumni and other personalities will be mingling amongst the peoples. All proceeds benefit the Penguins Foundation and their many programs and initiatives.


Since we are holding the Coaches and Connoisseurs Wine Tasting event tonight, I thought it only logical to open the day with a song by Iron & Wine. Now I know you'll probably suggest "Flightless Birds, American Mouth" seeing that penguin is a flightless bird. But based on its association with the movie Twilight, I am disqualifying it. Plus, it's a little too depressing to start the day.

So instead we'll open with "Boy With a Coin" instead. Enjoy.

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