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Penguins Honor Students' Enthusiasm in "Students for Stanley" Contest

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins
In an effort to share the excitement of the Penguins’ quest for the Stanley Cup, the Pittsburgh Penguins held two contests to encompass the schools throughout Allegheny County. 

The “Students for Stanley” contest gave students in elementary, middle and intermediate schools, Grades 1-8, an opportunity to work together and win prizes for the benefit of their school by creating a video.  Each school’s video entry was judged on the students’ creative use of signage in and around the school with an emphasis on creativity, innovation and school spirit.

East Union Intermediate Center in Russellton, PA was the Grand Prize winner in the “Students for Stanley” contest and received a $5,000 donation from the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Second prize and $3,000 was awarded to West Mifflin Middle School in West Mifflin, PA.  Third prize and $2,000 was awarded to St. Elizabeth Elementary School in Pittsburgh, PA.  Winning entries can be viewed below!

In addition, the Penguins gave high school students in Grades 9-12 an opportunity to participate in “Students for Stanley” with an essay contest.  The student essays focused on how the Penguins’ success has been shaped through Energy, Drive and Innovation.  Students writing winning entries will receive two tickets to a Penguins 2009-2010 regular season home game and the winning essays will be posted on the Penguins website.

Winners for the essay contest were Emilee Dzadovsky of Carlynton Jr-Sr High School in Carnegie, PA; Angela Palchowski of Bishop Canevin High School in Pittsburgh, PA; Katie Pruss of South Fayette High School in McDonald, PA; and Rachel Zolkiewicz of Montour High School in McKees Rocks, PA.

We thank all schools and students who participated in the “Students for Stanley” contest and look forward to hosting other contests in the upcoming season!


Grand Prize Winner - East Union Intermediate Center

Second Prize Winner - West Mifflin Middle School

Third Prize Winner - St. Elizabeth Elementary School

Emilee Dzadovsky - Carlynton Jr-Sr High School
      People assume the Penguins are awe-inspiring simply because they can obtain a point in a game of hockey. The object of that game is merely that; the Penguins are expected to skate around on the ice and slap-shot a puck into the rival team’s net. However, deep within every member of the team, a small fire is dancing wildly. This is the flame of drive.
     The energy the Penguins put into everything they perform on the ice is a strong example of this blazing drive. They strive to win the game, and push forward together like wolves of a pack; their willpowers are connected spiritually and emotionally. 
     Pittsburgh’s hometown team demonstrates this concept more flawlessly than any other in the NHL. This creates the pride inside hockey fans to see their team perform with such innovation in their skills. They feel part of the long chain of strength and vigor. This sensation allows them to cheer their players on. Furthermore, that aids the Penguins to go the extra mile and shoot that final shot into the net.

Angela Palchowski - Bishop Canevin High School
     The Pittsburgh Penguins use energy, drive, and innovation all the time, and in many different ways.  Each player demonstrates each of these traits on a game to game basis.
     The Penguins as a whole use energy in every single game. Whether they win or lose, they keep their energy level rising until the last buzzer. They play sixty minutes of intense, hard hockey, and all of their fans adore them.
     In the dictionary, drive means the urge the go on.  They push every second of the game.  Recently, the Penguins have won four games in a row.  They wouldn't be able to do that without driving with the best of their abilities on the ice.  This takes years of practice and a great deal of skill.
     Innovation can mean many things.  It can mean originality, or modification.  They are always being modified.  Their lines sometimes change during games, and they are always helping each other out.  The Penguins have advanced far into the playoffs.  That definitely takes time, dedication and power. 
     The Penguins are an EXQUISITE hockey team.  They strive for excellence every day. GO PENS!

Katie Pruss - South Fayette High School
     The goal of the Pittsburgh Penguins is to exert drive, energy, and innovation.  These attributes are very successful to the Pittsburgh Penguins and they bring this team together.   Drive is a team’s will to achieve.  A team must work hard so that they can win games.  The Penguins always work hard and they have won many games too.  The Penguins bring energy everywhere.
       They bring energy to the fans so that they can cheer for them during games.  They also bring energy to their teammates.  This energy helps the Penguins warm up before every game.  Innovation is something that is newly introduced.  The Penguins are being introduced as a new and amazing young team. This new team will work together to bring the Stanley Cup back home to Pittsburgh.  Without drive, energy, and innovation, the Penguins will never be as successful as they are today.

Rachel Zolkiewicz - Montour High School
     At the beginning of the season, fans thought, “Wow the Pens are going to have an amazing year!”  After a great start, they started to lose games and made some much needed changes.  They improved, but weren’t the same team that made it to the finals last year.   Playoff contention was not even a thought. The Pens hit rock bottom. They used all of their “energy” to think of other “innovative ways” to get their momentum back.  Dan Bylsma, coach of the Wilkes Barre Scranton team would be the answer to their prayers.  Bylsma slowly shaped them into a winning team.  Their record improved to 18-3-4.  Suddenly,   they were the number three seed, and made it to the playoffs!  This proves that the Pens had the “drive” to win.  Without energy, drive, or innovation, the Pens wouldn’t have been successful! The Pens also make headlines off the ice by holding charity fundraisers, such as Penguins at Your Service Dinner, which raises millions of dollars for Cystic Fibrosis.  The players frequently make visits to Children’s Hospital and Make-A-Wish.  The Pens continue to be a leading role model for the community because of their energy, drive, and innovative ways to be victorious!

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