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One minute with Sidney Crosby

The Penguins captain answered some fun quick-hitter questions for the NHLPA

by Michelle Crechiolo @PensInsideScoop / Penguins Team Reporter

Sidney Crosby answered some fun quick-hitter questions in a video for the NHLPA. Get to know more about the Penguins captain through his answers below.

Tweet from @penguins: A few more than a few 😂

Favorite music:

"I'm pretty easy-going when it comes to music. I pretty much listen to everything."

Guilty-pleasure TV:

"I don't really have any of those, I don't think (laughs). The shows I watch are Peaky Blinders, I like Vikings."

How would you talk to a dog:

"I don't do the dog voice, no (laughs)."

Favorite ice cream:

"Cookie dough."

Little-known nickname:


Go-to karaoke song:

"Journey, Don't Stop Believin'. (Someone asked him, were you able to hit all the notes?) I couldn't really hear. The crowd was helping me out, so I got saved, I think."

Last book you read:

"Spearhead. It's about a tank crew in World War II. Pretty interesting book. If you've seen the movie Fury, it's kind of similar."

Dream road trip partner:

"We've been on a lot of trips over the years, but go around the world with a guy, I'd go with my buddy Mike from home."

Hockey bag must-haves:

"My hat."

Pre-game rituals:

"How long do we have? (Like a ritual, like a small ritual?) Oh, yeah. I've got a few of those (laughs). I tape my stick pretty much at the same time. Everything is pretty rimed, I think. I have a long list. You don't want to hear it."

That's where he's wrong.

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