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National Junior Prospects Hockey League Championship Showcase

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins
The NJPHL is hosting its League Championship Showcase at the Bladerunners in Harmarville and Airport Ice Arena beginning Friday February 10th. Participating teams include the Pittsburgh Predators, Pittsburgh Viper Stars, and the Pittsburgh Junior Penguins.

Complete schedule below:

Friday, February 10th, 2012
Rink Time Div Home Team Away Team
USA 8:00am U16 Lake Erie Warriors Phoenix Firebirds
EUR 8:15am U18 North Broward Prep Maksymum
USA 10:00am U16 Pittsburgh Viper Stars PK Warriors (QF 1)
EUR 10:15am U16 Richmond Generals Wenatchee Wild (QF 2)
USA 12:00pm U16 T B Lightning Fort Wayne Komets (QF 3)
EUR 12:15pm U16 Pgh Predators Pgh Jr. Pens (Q4)
USA 2:00pm U18 Boston Warrior Pgh Jr. Pens (SF 1)
EUR 2:15pm U18 Lake Erie Warriors Atlanta Fire (SF 2)
USA 4:00pm U18 Maksymum N. Broward Prep
USA 6:00pm U16 Lake Erie Warriors QF 1 Loser

Saturday, February 11th, 2012
Time Div Home Team Away Team
EUR 7:30am U16 QF 3 Loser QF 4 Loser
USA 8:15am U18 Pittsburgh Jr. Penguins Boston Warrior (SF1)
EUR 9:15am U18 Atlanta Fire Lake Erie Warriors (SF2)
USA 10:15am U16 Phoenix Firebirds QF 2 Loser
EUR 11:00am U16 SF Highest Seed SF Lowest Seed (SF1)
USA 12:15pm U16 SF 2nd Highest Seed SF 2nd Lowest Seed (SF2)
USA 2:15pm U16 QF 3 Loser Lake Erie Warriors
EUR 3:00pm U16 QF 1 Loser QF 4 Loser
USA 4:15pm U18 SF 1 Loser North Broward Prep
EUR 4:45pm U18 SF 2 Loser Maksymum Hockey
USA 6:15pm U16 SF 1 Loser Phoenix Firebirds
EUR 6:30pm U16 SF 2 Loser QF 2 Loser
USA 8:00pm U18 Championship Game 1
EUR 8:15pm U16 Championship Game 1

Sunday, February 12th, 2012 - Bladerunners Harmarville (USA and EUR), Airport Ice Arena (AS and LS)
G# Rink Time Div Home Team Away Team
EUR 7:30am U16 SF 1 Loser QF 2 Loser
USA 7:45am U16 Phoenix Firebirds QF 1 Loser
AIR-AS 8:00am U18 North Broward Prep SF 2 Loser
AIR-LS 8:00am U18 Maksymum Hockey SF 1 Loser
EUR 9:15am U16 QF 4 Loser Lake Erie Warriors
USA 9:30am U16 SF 2 Loser QF 3 Loser
EUR 11:15am U18 Championship Game 2/3
USA 11:35am U16 Championship Game 2/3
AIR-AS 1:00pm U18 Tourney Championship
AIR-LS 2:20pm U16 Tourney Championship
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