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Malkin Speaks English To Reporters

by Joe Sager / Pittsburgh Penguins

Evgeni Malkin continues to adjust to life in America.

He’s more comfortable this year on and off the ice.

And, he’s learning to speak English.

Malkin spoke English to reporters for the first time on Thursday, fielding a few questions.

When asked what he liked to eat on the road, he replied “Spaghetti, chicken, beef. I like sushi.”

Malkin likes to laugh, so he’s in a good situation on the road with roommate Max Talbot, who has one of the Penguins’ most-colorful personalities.  

“Yeah. He is a funny guy,” Malkin said.

Movies are enjoyable for Malkin and also serve as a teaching tool.

“I like comedies. I saw Transformers two times,” he said. “I see movies. I understand a little bit.”

Teammate and countryman Sergei Gonchar and his family have helped Malkin adjust to life in this country. And, they are helping him learn the language.

“Gonch has helped me and explained things,” He said. “Gonch every day tells me to [speak English].”

While Malkin may be hesitant to speak English at this point, he understands the language a lot better than last season.

“I understand more,” he said. “I understand the coaches and the guys. It’s hard for me to talk.”

When Malkin goes out to dinner in Pittsburgh, he’s not afraid to order his own meals.

“Yeah. I read the menu. I talk to the waitress,” he said. “I understand more.”

Malkin enjoys Pittsburgh.

“It’s a good city. There are good fans here,” he said. “They like hockey and football.”

He lists the Big Apple as one of his favorite places in the country.

“I like New York. It’s a big city. It’s a beautiful city,” he said.

While Malkin may like many things this country has to offer, he has trouble getting used to one thing – the music. He shook his head when asked if he liked the music here. 

“I like Russian music,” he said with a smile.

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