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MacIntyre is January Mustache Boy

by Sam Kasan / Pittsburgh Penguins

As Confucius once said: With great mustache comes great responsibility (that was Confucius that said that, right?)

The Penguins held their monthly “Mustache Boy” shootout at the end of practice on Friday. As always, the competition was fun and filled with anxiety for the players as the pool dwindled down.

Joe Vitale in the Mustache Boy shootout
Finally, the shootout came down to two guys: Joe Vitale (who was Mustache Boy in November) and Steve MacIntyre (who grew a nice Fu Manchu for Movember).

Both players actually traded goals and misses. When Vitale scored, MacIntyre answered. When MacIntyre scored, Vitale answered. It was a back-and-forth battle.

After a few rounds of trading goals, Vitale beat Brent Johnson with a wrist shot. MacIntyre was stopped by Marc-Andre Fleury, and the January Mustache Boy is Steve MacIntyre.

“I’m going to have the cheesiest mustache for the month of January,” MacIntyre said. “My handlebars might come back.”

And when MacIntyre was stopped, Vitale rejoiced.

“It’s like scoring a goal in overtime. It’s a weight off your shoulders,” Vitale said. “The whole month you can look good and not get stared at when you’re at a restaurant and out in public.”

While it was a good battle between the two guys, both players felt there was something a little fishy about the ending of the shootout.

“I still think I was ahead. Joey’s already been Mustache Boy so maybe there is something going on there,” MacIntyre joked. “I hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. I’m going to go with that.”

“Towards the end it got kind of scary,” Vitale said. “I was comfortable when I would score, but then he kept scoring so I was thinking the goalies had it out for me. I’m just glad I got the better end of the deal there.”

Despite a solid Movember Fu Manchu, MacIntyre said his mustache-growing skills are lacking.

MacIntyre is denied by Fleury and becomes Mustache Boy
“I can grow a beard, but not so much a mustache,” MacIntyre said. “Which is ironic because my dad has the biggest muzzy. He’s been known for his mustache back home.”

That being said, his teammates think he’ll look just fine with a little fur.

“He’ll be fine. He had the handlebars in Movember,” Vitale said. “He looks meaner with one anyway so it’ll work out.”

“He’s a good candidate to grow a mustache,” Fleury said. “Very thick. I’m looking forward to seeing that thing.”

All in all, MacIntyre is taking (or growing) his Mustache Boy month in stride.

“It’s fun. It’s an opportunity to bond with teammates and some friendly competition,” he said. “I have no problem growing a mustache. I wish I could grow a thicker one. That’s my personal opinion. If I could grow the biggest, thickest handlebar mustache then I’d go with it probably for the rest of my career. It might fill in for January and I’ll go from there. Movember was a good one. We’ll see what we can do.”

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