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July 4, 2012: Fan of the Day - Kristi I.

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins

Kristi I.
Pittsburgh, PA

How long have you been following the Pens and how did you become a fan?
I have been following the Pens for as long as I can remember ever since I was a little girl. My whole family is huge Penguin fans, and my two older brothers and dad really got me interested in the Pens ever since elementary school

Who is your favorite Penguins player (past or present)?
Sidney Crosby

Tell us about your favorite Penguins memory.
My favorite Penguins memory is from this year whenever my friend Nicole and I traveled to Tampa, Florida to see our favorite team play! We attend Duquesne University and as a nice getaway we decided to take a long weekend in Tampa from January 13-January 15. My friends dad works at the airlines, so we had to travel standby, but we had no idea what we were in for when we left. First of all, we left Duquesne at about 3 am Friday morning. We arrived at the airport and we were supposed to be on the first flight to Charlotte then Tampa. However, the flight was full. Luckily, a nice worker at the airport suggested we fly to Washington DC where we should be able to get to Tampa. We happily took his advice. When we arrived at Washington DC we quickly figured out that we were not going to be able to get to Tampa because the flights were also full. We tried to get prices on a ticket to buy right there, but $900 for a one way ticket to Tampa was simply out of reach for two broke college students. After a few hours, we decided to jump on a flight to Jacksonville because we would then be closer to Tampa. Unfortunately, we had to go 5 long hours on a Greyhound bus to Tampa. It was the absolute worst/scariest experience of my life, but we knew it would be worth it to see the Pens! Five long hours later we arrived in Tampa at midnight! The next day as we were roaming the city, we saw the hotel that the Penguins were staying at so we stood for about 6 hours waiting to meet our favorite team. Luckily, we were able to meet Marc Andre Fleury, Pascal Dupuis, Matt Cooke, Dustin Jeffrey, and Eric Tangradi!!! On Sunday I was lucky enough to watch the Penguins destroy the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 6-3 where Evgeni Malkin got a hat trick! I was sad to leave, but we headed to the airport shortly after the game to get back to school. Just when I thought we were in the clear of our bad luck, we decided to take the bus from the airport to get back to Duquesne. Unfortunately, the bus forgot to stop at Duquesne and we were forced to get off of the bus 5 miles from Duquesne, at 1 am, in the freezing cold, and all I had was a hoodie. My friend and I stood in the freezing cold crying whenever a cop saw us, so we ended our trip being escorted back to Duquesne in the backseat of a cop car. I would go far and wide for the Penguins and I will never forget this weekend! Thanks to the Penguins, everything that I had to go through that weekend was completely worth it!

On a game day I usually...
On a game day I usually dress in my Pens gear and get ready to cheer on my favorite team! I try to go to as many Pens games as I can through the wonderful student rush program. I cheer loud and proud for a Pens victory every game!

Congratulations, Kristi!

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