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July 15, 2012: Fan of the Day - Cassandra H.

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins

Cassandra H.
Montclair, NJ

How long have you been following the Pens and how did you become a fan?
I was originally scared of hockey because during the first high school game I ever went to one of my friends got hit in the face with a puck and I thought that would happen to me. Then one day I was watching sports highlights and saw a clip of the Penguins and it captured me. I loved how fast paced and smooth it was. Everyone told me I had to be a Devils fan because I am from Jersey but from when I firsy saw the clip of Jordan Staal scoring I was hooked on the Pens. I have been a fan for 6 years. It is also a dream of mine to one day go to a home Penguins game and own something signed. Though that is tough for a broke college student.

Who is your favorite Penguins player (past or present)?
Marc-Andre Fleury

Tell us about your favorite Penguins memory.
I was one of the few Penguins fans at a Bruins home game and it was the first game that I wasn't at the top of the arena. I was able to get in early and get a spot along the runway to see the players as they came out for warm ups. Once they were out I held up my neon green sign that said FLOWER POWER. As they were coming off the ice Fleury stopped right in front of me and held out his gloved hand with a puck in it.The fact that I was that close to the best player made me freeze and someone had to push me and tell me to take it. It is on of the best things to ever happen to me. A plus to the day is the Penguins played an amazing game and won the game. Giving me bragging right to my school, which is filled with Bruins fans.

On a game day I usually...
On game day I always read the game day post on the Penguins website. I also put on my jersey once I get back form classes. I have been hit by Bruins fans before for wearing it to class. I also always turn the game on in time to not miss a single second. I have Game Center so I am always watching it on my computer or phone if I am out. Also because I am in Bruins territory (or when I am home Ranger and Devils) I am constantly defending the Pens and Crosby on game day. I also follow the Pens and the Pens players on twitter to see what they have to say about that nights game.

Congratulations, Cassandra!


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