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NHL Executive Suite Podcast: Jim Rutherford

by Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins / Penguins Podcast

Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford joins Deb Placey on the NHL's Executive Suite Podcast to talk about a variety of different topics ranging from his playing days to his career as an executive. 

Highlights Include:

  • The evolution of NHL goalies (new masks, off-ice training/eating, coaching)
  • Where his negotiating prowess comes from
  • How he met Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan many years ago
  • What it's like working with Mario Lemieux
  • Jim talking about switching goalie masks when he was traded from Pittsburgh to Detroit
  • Jim Rutherford's son, James, designs his own goalie masks (Pacman and Fortnite themes)

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here

Jim Rutherford on getting a new paint job on his goalie mask in Detroit: "When I played in Pittsburgh, I had a blue mask. I got traded from Pittsburgh to Detroit. The first game was in Toronto, Hockey Night in Canada game. So the guy who made my mask in those days, I told him to meet me at the airport. When you are traded, you are always setback and disappointed. So I said to him you know, 'please just paint my mask white. Don't paint it red, just paint it white. Okay?' He came in for the morning skate and he pulled it out of the box and it was white, but he had wings painted over the eyes and I was really upset. We won that night and that was the talk of the game - the wings over the eyes - and so it just carried on from there."

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