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In-Game Blog: Pens at Bruins

by Sam Kasan / Pittsburgh Penguins
Sam Kasan will be providing an ongoing in-game blog during Penguins games this season. Check back for updates, injury reports and information throughout the game.

9:53 PM EST: Malkin...............put on a ton of moves and nails it!!!!! Savard can keep it going. Savard............stopped by Sabourin with the blocker and Pittsburgh wins in a shootout. Malkin and Sykora get the goals in the shootout and the Penguins get the extra point. Pens 2, Bruins 1.

9:52 PM EST: Satan...........sends a weak shot in on Thomas, who barely had to move. Krejci.........missed the net on a backhand. Sabourin disrupted his shot with a stick check.

9:51 PM EST: The fans boo Crosby with the shootout tied at 1-1. Crosby..........stopped by Thomas. Ryder with a chance to win. Ryder..........denied by Sabourin. Ryder went backhand and couldn't get the puck high enough to get it over the pads.

9:51 PM EST: Sykora...........scores, also on a backhand. Bergeron.........shot and completely missed the net.

9:50 PM EST: Letang..........poke checked by Thomas. He lost control of the puck and couldn't get off a shot. Kessel...........scores on the backhand.

9:48 PM EST: Letang, Sykora and Crosby will go for Pittsburgh. Boston bring Bergeron, Kessel and Ryder.

9:48 PM EST: Crosby won the faceoff but a Bruin broke his stick and Pittsburgh had a psuedo-power play for the final 30-plus seconds. However, they couldn't get a clear shot and made too many passes. That's a time where Pittsburgh just has to get the puck to the net. Time for Pittsburgh's first shootout.

9:45 PM EST: Boston just made a smart time out call. The Bruins are winded and iced the puck so their tired players have to remain on the ice. This gives them a chance to catch their breath. Huge faceoff here.

9:43 PM EST: Wow, Staal just took a penalty that negates the power play. He slashed Wideman and that's the second bad penalty of game for Staal. Ready for some three-on-three?

9:42 PM EST: Great two-on-one opportunity for Staal and Malkin. Malkin made a great pass over to Staal, but Staal couldn't get it back to Malkin, but they did draw a penalty as Savard pulled him down.

9:39 PM EST: Sabourin just saved the game on David Krejci. And of course, they play "Welcome to the Jungle." So original.

9:36 PM EST: My money is on Mark Eaton to get the game-winner. He's due.

9:35 PM EST: Great defense by Crosby in the final 20 seconds. He raced back to catch up with Marco Sturm. Crosby then knocked away his stick and gained control of the puck. That's the end of regulation. The Penguins will play in their 14th overtime game this season.

9:31 PM EST: It's the two-minute-and-eight-seconds warning.

9:25 PM EST: Satan-Staal-Kennedy is the latest combo. Talbot-Sykora-Fedotenko.

9:23 PM EST: Tyler Kennedy is not afraid to shoot the puck....from any angle.

9:22 PM EST: This has been an exciting 1-1 game. Even though there have only been two goals, there has been a lot of back-and-forth action. I feel like I'm watching a tennis match with all the head rotating.

9:16 PM EST: What a save by Sabourin on a one-timer by Savard. Savard blistered a shot and Sabourin got a piece of it. It was pure reaction and Saboo got his glove arm on the puck to deflect it away.

9:13 PM EST: Rough sequence for the linesman. First he was hit with a slap-shot dump-in by Satan. Then he was sandwiched between the boards, Bissonnette and Bruins defenseman Shane Hnidy.

9:11 PM EST: Now Kennedy is playing alongside Zigomanis and Bissonnette.

9:10 PM EST: Tim Thomas made an alert play on a dump-in play. With the Penguins making a whole-sale change, Thomas tried to catch them with a quick pass to Savard. Unfortunately for the Bruins, Savard broke his stick on an attempted shot.

9:08 PM EST: Godard just took a shift with Staal and Fedotenko.

9:07 PM EST: Letang just slipped and the Bruins Thornton had a good chance on the right side. Letang recovered quickly but he's fortunate that Thornton isn't exactly known for his speed.

8:59 PM EST: If you're wondering why I can't hear anymore, you'll have to ask Axl Rose.

8:49 PM EST: Second intermission, tied at 1-1.

8:44 PM EST: What a final minute. First Pascal Dupuis did his best Hines Ward impersonation and leveled Dennis Wideman behind the Bruins net. Then he had a great scoring chance. At the other end, Bergeron was denied on a good shot from the slot and then missed on his own rebound by about five inches of scoring a goal with three seconds left in the period.

8:42 PM EST: Interesting scuffle between Crosby and Savard in the corner of the Pens' zone. It appears that Crosby took some childhood suppressed aggression out on Savard. Crosby went after Savard for no apparent reason whatsoever. First he gave him some glove-love to the face and then tackled him. Savard pulled Crosby down with him and 87 pinned Savard for a three-count. Ring the bell and award him the championship belt.

8:36 PM EST: Goligoski did a nice job on a speeding Marco Sturm. He obstructed him enough to ruin his shot, but not enough to sit in the box and feel shame.

8:34 PM EST: Penguins got a break when Talbot tripped over Yelle's stick. Yelle was playing the puck and didn't intentionally trip, but the Pens will take it.

8:31 PM EST: Kessel ties the game at 1-1. Sabourin was too deep in his crease and Lucic was blocking his view of the shot. Andrew Ference will get an assist on the play. That's Kessel's fifth goal of the season. I guess he's starting to realize some of that potential that scouts raved about. Anyone else note the irony that Kessel scores on a play when Staal was in the box? They were both in the same draft and Kessel was supposed to be the top pick that year, only to fall to No. 5. Pens 1, Bruins 1.

8:27 PM EST: Bad penalty for Staal to take. After he broke his stick he obviously grabbed a Bruin. Too blatant of a penalty to take.

8:25 PM EST: So most hockey arenas play early '90s rock music, as we've documented thoroughly throughout this blog and will do throughout the season. But they always play crappy '90s songs like Cyprus Hill, House of Pain and Beastie Boys' "Girls." Why don't they ever play Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" or Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"? If I hear Guns 'n Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" one more time I'm going to shove a pencil in my ear.

8:23 PM EST: Malkin just hit the cross bar. The Penguins need to consider flipping Goligoski and Malkin at the point. Goss is a left-handed defenseman and can't really set up for a one-timer on the off-point. He's kind of lost at that position and the Bruins weren't even pressuring him because they knew he wasn't going to shoot from that angle. Why not put Letang out there as a right-handed shot? I know the coaches love Goss on the first PP unit, but he's going to have to learn to take that shot occasionally, if for nothing else to keep opponent's penalty killers honest.

8:17 PM EST: Now they're playing the Beastie Boys' "Girls" which may be the most awful song I've ever heard in my life. I'm so glad that they're blasting it from the speakers. It's right up there with "The Macarena" and "Barbie Girl." I don't remember the artists of those songs but I'm actually kind of glad of that fact. By the way, hockey game going on, Pens power play.

8:14 PM EST: They're playing "Insane in the Membrain" in the TDWTF Bankbuilding. Whatever happened to Cyprus Hill? Last I heard they were feuding with the West Side Connection and the circumstances were quite volatile. Remember Cyprus Hill's second big hit? Me neither.

8:12 PM EST: Bissonnette just made-out with the glass. He took a shot from behind and his face slammed off the glass. He's a tough kid though. He'll walk it off.

8:07 PM EST: Seriously though, Zdeno Chara looks like Yao Ming on skates.

8:04 PM EST: Before we start the second period, credit must be given to Sabourin who played great in the first. The Bruins dominated that first phase but a goaltender can make all the difference. It only took one play for Pittsburgh to take the lead. You have to love hockey when a team can be so drastically beaten but still lead the game.

7:56 PM EST: By the way, can we please not call this new arena in Boston "the Garden." Please, the Garden was demolished. You can't build a brand new facility and give it the old building's moniker and expect the old arena's history to be transferred through osmosis. Let's just call this new corporate arena by it's rightful name, the TDWTF NorthBank of America M&T or whatever ridiculous name that currently sponsors the place - that is until that bank goes bankrupt and we end up with Clam Chowder Arena.

7:50 PM EST: The ice looks a little choppy at the new fake "Garden." Dupuis lost his edge twice, once on a crucial penalty kill. Bruins defenseman Dennis Wideman pinched in on a play and also went down, leading to Pittsburgh's first goal. Satan came straight from the box and was the trailer on the the rush. No one picked him up as two Bruins went to Malkin. Pens lead, 1-0, at first intermission. That's Satan's first even-strength goal of the season. Pens outshot in that period 16-10

7:46 PM EST: Satan scores on a rebound shot from Malkin at the tail end of the penalty kill. Wideman lost his edge and Crosby collected the puck. He threw a transition pass to Malkin powering down the right side. Malkin threw a backhander on net and the rebound came out right to Satan's stick, who roofed it over Thomas. Pens 1, Bruins 0.

7:43 PM EST: Pittsburgh is going for the record for most hooking penalties in one period. They just took their third, this one by Satan. Well, Sabourin wanted to see some action, right? He's sure getting his fair share this period.

7:41 PM EST: Godard and Scott Thornton just dropped the gloves. Godard got Thornton's helmet off but the Bruin fell to the ice before any significant blows could be landed. That was the hockey fight equivalent to boxers hugging for an entire round. Disappointing.

7:39 PM EST: That last shift saw the Penguins running around in their own zone. Boston didn't get any quality chances but it was a wasted shift for the top line.

7:37 PM EST: Pens being outshot currently 14-7. Not a lot of sustained pressure in the Bruins' zone. Of course, a few penalties makes that all the more difficult to accomplish. Sabourin has been up to the early challenge.

7:33 PM EST:
Therrien just gave Malkin a shift on the penalty kill. I like that move. It's good to have someone who can create a turnover and is a threat to go the other way.

7:32 PM EST: Great work by Talbot to hustle and clear a puck out of the zone on the penalty kill.

7:28 PM EST: What's the over-under on how many Bruins fans in the arena are hung over from the Red Sox game the previous night? 12,000? 14,000? All of them? The sure money is currenlty on 12,750.

7:18 PM EST: Former Pens Andrew Ference just rung one off the post. Sabourin also made an early point-blank save on Bergeron. Looks like he's getting a fast-paced welcome back to the NHL. Sorry for the late start on the blog, some technical difficulties. But we're up and running now. 
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