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In-Game Blog: Canes 1 at Pens 4

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins
A Penguins representative will be providing an ongoing in-game blog during Penguins games this season. Check back for updates, injury reports and information throughout the game.

10:00 PM EST:  Final Score: Pens 4, Canes 1.  Marc-Andre Fleury picks up his 80th win of his career.  Because the Pens scored more than 3 goals, each fan in attendance will be able to show his/her ticket at Dick's Sporting Goods to receive $10 off any purchase of $50 or more.     Stars:  3) Max Talbot, 2) Evgeni Malkin, 1) Sidney Crosby.  Stay tuned for the Aftermath.

9:56 PM EST: The Canes have pulled Leighton with 1 minute remaining in the period.  After several close calls, Malkin manages to score an empty net goal to seal the deal for the Penguins.  Guess he really wanted to have a goal tonight!

9:54 PM EST: After review, it was determined that Malkin's goal was tipped by Sidney Crosby, making it his 2nd goal of the season and Malkin's tenth assist.

9:52 PM EST:
Cotton-Eyed Joe.  A lot of people are very happy right now.

9:51 PM EST:
  The Canes are struggling to catch back up, but it seems like the Pens have a huge momentum going.  Both sides have had some great scoring opportunities, but Fleury is doing a great job of keeping the puck away.  The defensive pairings seem to be working well tonight, despite being shaken up for this game due to Hal Gill's illness.  2:48 left in the 3rd.

9:45 PM EST:  Talbot shoots and scores!  With an assist from Tyler Kennedy, Max scores his first of the season.  The Pens are finally clicking and the Canes are struggling to keep up.  I think that Wave really worked, I think we should get that started again!

9:43 PM EST:  Fedotenko gets off another good looking shot, but is stopped short by Leighton.   Pens are outshooting the Canes 31-20.  The Wave is going around the Igloo currently.  Who decides which direction the Wave should go in?  Does it always go clockwise?  I wonder if it's different in the Southern Hemisphere.

9:40 PM EST:  Canes take a timeout to regroup.  I would too if I just gave up two goals in 30 second.

9:36 PM EST: If I said the Igloo was rockin before, you should hear it now.  Ruslan Fedotenko scores almost immediately after Malkin's goal, assisted by Jordan Staal and Petr Sykora.  Pens take the lead, 2-1.  This was Fedotenko's first goal of the season.

9:35 PM EST:
Now it's the Pens turn for a power play.  Wallin goes to the box on a hooking penalty and the Penguins score!  Malkin scores off the left shoulder of Leighton and the Igloo is rocking!  An unassisted power play goal!

9:33 PM EST: Pens do a great job of killing the penalty, and the Canes still lead 1-0.  12 minutes left in the third and the Pens look like they really want this.  That makes them and somewhere around 17,132 other people.

9:30 PM EST: The Canes came out with a lot of energy to start the 3rd period.  After getting off several shots at Fleury, play turned around and the Pens managed to take several shots at the other end.  Canes managed to get the puck out of their zone and draw a penalty from Malkin, who received two minutes on a hooking call.

9:22 PM EST: Start of the 3rd period.  Pens just need to continue what they're doing, and make something happen.  If they continue to battle for the puck on both sides of the ice, they're bound to get something past Leighton.  Still waiting to see either action from either Staal brother.

9:08 PM EST:  End of the 2nd period. Pittsburgh 13, Carolina 6 shots on goal in the 2nd period.  The Pens seem to be doing everything right, working hard for the puck and firing quality shots.  Pens fans are optimistic heading into the 3rd period, never quieting down and continually cheering on the Pens as they battled it out during the 2nd period.  With any luck, this game will turn around in the 3rd.

9:03 PM EST: The Pens just spent a long time in the Canes zone, battling for pucks and taking several shots.  They're really working hard down there and look like they want it.  One minute remaining in the period.

8:58 PM EST: 
The Canes shot a bullet towards Fleury which luckily bounced off of the crossbar.  PensTV just showed a video of all the students who waited in line for Student Rush tickets tonight.  As a special surprise, several Penguins players showed up with free Pizza Hutt pizzas to pass around.  With that kind of dedication, these students are definitely hoping for a win tonight.

8:54 PM EST: 
A smart play by Jordan Staal almost catches Leighton behind the net, but also hits the post.  Gameplay continues back and forth, with the Pens still outshooting the Canes 17-11.

8:48 PM EST:
This time Godard drops the gloves, against Carolina's Brookbank.  The refs let the fight go on for awhile, with both players ending up on the ice.

8:46 PM EST: 
Crosby steals the pick for a great give and go set up with Malkin, but unfortunately, no goal.  The Pens continue to fire away at the goal, with one bouncing right off the post.  Nothing seems to be clicking for the Pens.  Yet.

8:40 PM EST: 
Among others, Malkin seems to be pushing himself in this period.  So far the Penguins have held the Canes to zero shots on goal in the 2nd.  A couple of fast drives were blown on bad passes or just good coverage by the Canes defense.  Orpik somehow gets the puck stuck in his equipment and play stops momentarily.

8:33 PM EST: 
The Canes manage to kill the penalty, and with that, the Big Mac Attack is over.  Back to regular hockey.  Another standing room only sellout, the 72nd in a row.

8:31 PM EST:  Wow, just like that the Pens are on a power play.  Samsanov gets sent to the box for tripping.  It's also the Big Mac Attack, so Pens fans have two reasons to be cheering!  A lot of action in front of the Cane's so far..

8:30 PM EST: 
2nd period is about to begin, hopefully the Pens come out fired up like they were last Saturday.  I'm looking at Crosby, Staal, and Dupuis to make some big plays this period.  Intermission's over, nachos are purchased... we're ready for some real hockey now.

8:12 PM EST: Crosby gets a shot off that just misses the net, and it looked like there might be a shot off of the rebound, but Carolina goalie Michael Leighton managed to dive on top of the puck in time.  It seems like the Pens are spending a lot of time in the Cane's zone, but just can't seem to get a goal while down there.  Staal gets off a nice shot right at the end of the period, but it didn't find it's way past Leighton.  End of the first - 10 shots on goal for Pens, 9 for the Canes.

8:07 PM EST:
A couple of close shots for the Penguins, and a couple of hard hits at both ends of the ice, but that's about it.  Pens fans are waiting to see something from Jordan Staal, who hopefully will be particularly fired up playing against his brother.  Each fan tonight received a Penguins 08-09 Team Calender courtesy of Highmark. 

8:01 PM EST:
Not good.  Sutter scored for an unassisted goal for Carolina during the 4-on-4.  5:30 left.

7:59 PM EST: So far not much has happened - about 6:00 left in the first period.  Very few shots on goal for either team.  The Pen's Bissonnette dropped the gloves early in the first, and clearly dominated over Lacouture.  Crosby just took an interference penalty while Eric Staal took a slashing penalty.  4 on 4 - coming up. Let's see what happens!
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