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Ian Cole Recaps Game of Thrones Finale

by Michelle Crechiolo / Pittsburgh Penguins

As Pens defenseman Ian Cole is a big fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, based on the “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels by George R.R. Martin, he couldn't wait to watch the Season 5 finale on Sunday night.

But afterwards, all he could manage was this:

Cole actually had much, more more to say about the episode, titled “Mother’s Mercy” – which he recapped for us below, starting with the opening scene that featured Stannis Baratheon. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

“Melisandre in general kind of makes me mad. She just bothers me. She’s such a snake. I’m not a big fan of her. But everything she seems to do with the Lord of Light and all that stuff ends up working out. So when you saw all the ice and snow start to thaw, you think oh man, this might actually work out for Stannis. Then you see how one of his generals comes up to him and was like ‘hey, by the way, half the men deserted in the middle of the night,’ and I think you see her face when she hears that and she’s like, ‘uh oh. This isn’t going to work out.’ Stannis tried to control so much through the Lord of Light, and what kind of was his downfall was that he was compromising himself because he was so driven to this end goal. And it got to the point where his men were like, screw this guy, we’re out of here, this guy’s a nut. So then she left, and you’re like, okay, that makes sense because she’s just such a snake. She’s thinking, ‘this isn’t going to work out for me so I’m out of here.’ Then she shows up to the Wall and I’m like oh jeez, she’s going to try and get her claws into Jon Snow.

“Then over at Winterfell, first off, that Myranda is crazy, so I’m really glad she died. She was nuts. So Brienne’s sitting there in this little broken down hut, looking for this candle for like six months like she needs some sort of green light to go save Sansa when she knows Sansa’s in a real crappy situation. She’s just waiting for this candle for six months then she turns around as soon as this candle’s lit and leaves and I’m just like, you’ve got to be kidding me. So typical. I feel so bad for Sansa because she’s been screwed over so many times. It’s just awful. Ramsay, I can’t stand the guy. I probably want him to die more than I did with Joffrey at this point. So then Stannis kind of gets what’s coming to him with Brienne of Tarth, which brought it full circle with how her storyline started. So I guess that’s cool, because obviously Stannis is going to die anyway. And I think when he was about to die after he killed those two guys before Brienne of Tarth showed up, you could see he was like, ‘this is how it’s going to end after everything I did? Why did I kill my daughter, why did I listen to this crazy priestess lady? What was I thinking?’ Then Brienne shows up and does her thing and her nobility spiel. So that was good, I’m glad that worked out for her, she must be happy. But now Sansa, I don’t know what the deal is with Sansa because first of all, Reek – Theon – is the worst. He could have helped her so many times and he’s just – I can’t stand him. I realize Ramsay broke him and all this stuff, but still, come on man. Do something. He finally does something, finally, after two seasons now. He pushes Myranda off the ledge. Thank God, she sucked. Then him and Sansa jump off – I couldn’t really tell, was that a double suicide or was there a net or something to catch them at the bottom? I don’t know. I’m a little rattled about it right now. I really want something to work out for Sansa because she’s been screwed over so many times. So I really hope she can somehow rendezvous with Brienne of Tarth and figure something out that’s somewhat decent.

“Speaking of Stark girls, ever since Arya met Jaqen H’ghar in the second season I’m like oh my God, that would be unbelievable if Arya became one of these assassins. I called it the first time they met. It would be so awesome; she’d be a crazy little female assassin running around killing people. Then when it happened and she went over there I was so pumped up. Now she’s finally kind of becoming an assassin and I was so excited. I was glad she was crossing names off her list. But then she goes back and they blind her or whatever, which I’m really hoping isn’t permanent because it’s kind of hard to be an assassin if you can’t see anything. I’m hoping it’s going to be a lesson to her. Like okay, you’re blind, but if you become nobody we’ll restore your sight. Because if she’s blind, that would really suck. It’s tough. I kind of want her to avenge her family because she’s obviously been through so much, but at the same time, personally I want her to be one of those assassins. From Day 1 I wanted that. To be one of the Faceless Men, that would be awesome. But it seems like she can’t have both. She can’t continue to be Arya Stark and avenge her family and be one of them. So I don’t know. I’m kind of torn. I’m hoping this is just a lesson that they’re teaching her. But a lot of things that I hope with Game of Thrones never really happen, so (laughs) it always ends up being the opposite.

“Cersei’s walk was pretty messed up too. I don’t like Cersei. She’s made me mad so many times. But watching that actually made me feel kind of bad for her. It made me feel some empathy towards her, like wow, this sucks. People are spitting on her and dumping their bedpans on her and she’s getting covered in crap. That was definitely a tough walk and kind of a cool scene because it made you feel empathy for someone that had been such a hated character over the course of the show. Then you see FrankenMountain show up when she finally gets to the castle. First of all, it’s kind of her fault in the first place. She transferred power to the Faith Militant and the High Sparrow and now she’s the one that’s getting screwed over. So it is kind of poetic that she was trying to screw the Tyrells and she’s the one who ended up getting the worst of it. I feel like she’s going to be mad and go back with her FrankenMountain and just start demolishing those people.

“And how about Daenerys’ dragon just kind of being like ‘meh, I’m just going to lay here, you figure it out for yourself.’ What a jerk dragon. Then she just goes and wanders away from it, which I’m kind of like, what are you doing? At least stay near the dragon. Did those people look like Dothraki? That’s what I feel like they were. They had the same swords and stuff. They’ve obviously heard of her, I’m sure. She was Khal Drogo’s wife. I’m thinking maybe it’s a good thing (they found her). I don’t know how it’s going to work out. I think it may be a good thing and hopefully she gets more guys for her army. That’d be pretty sweet. But then again, they might not follow her. In their culture, their leader is the best warrior and she’s definitely not a warrior. Yeah, she has dragons but she herself isn’t a warrior. But maybe the dragons take over that dominance for her. I don’t know. I’m interested to see how that works out, because it could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing.

“Finally, I think Jon Snow’s death was kind of predictable. You heard on the Internet that there was some big stuff coming to rival the Red Wedding and all this stuff, which by the way, I didn’t necessarily think rivaled the Red Wedding because when the Red Wedding happened, I literally sat there on the couch for 5-10 minutes with my mouth open like, what just happened? So when this happened, to be honest with you I was just kind of like okay, kind of saw that one coming. They’re going to have to have some big death. It wasn’t going to be Khaleesi; it wasn’t going to be Tyrion, so Jon Snow would probably be the one that makes the most sense – especially because of the foreshadowing from last week when that awful older guy, Alliser Thorne, whispered that line to him when he came back. You’re like oh man, that’s not good. And obviously with how Olly hadn’t looked at him for weeks, you could kind of tell something shady was going on. So then it happened and all I could think was Melisandre’s back there, I really hope she raises him up from the dead, that would be awesome. But I don’t know. I think in this world that could be done. I just have a feeling that she could have ridden anywhere and the fact they showed her going back to Castle Black, there has to be some sort of storyline there. I feel like he’s too big of a character to just kill off like that. But then again, Game of Thrones has killed off huge characters before, so I don’t know. I really just hope that something happens. I have a lot of hopes regarding how this next season is going to go down.”

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