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Dream Come True for Extra Attacker Winner

by Deborah Francisco / Pittsburgh Penguins
Jasen Golding, a native of Fredericton, New Brunswick, has faithfully followed the Penguins since the 1980s, and thanks to the Penguins Extra Attacker Fantasy game, he is finally able to fulfill his lifelong dream of seeing the Penguins play at Mellon Arena.

“I wanted to see Mellon Arena before the team moves to the new arena,” Golding said. “This really is like a dream come true.”

Joel and Jasen Golding outside Mellon Arena
Golding earned the highest score in Week 7of the Extra Attacker game to win a pair of tickets to the Penguins’ contest with the Ottawa Senators on March 14. He made the 17-hour journey from New Brunswick to Pittsburgh by car with his brother, Joel, and two friends.

“I’ve always had a passion for hockey,” said Golding, who is an engineering professor at the University of New Brunswick.

As a kid growing up in St. Johns, New Brunswick, Golding became a Penguins fan partly because there were no NHL teams near his hometown.

“There was no hockey team (near St. Johns), so you pick and choose,” Golding explained. “A lot of people choose between Toronto and Montreal. It was the Penguins for me. I can’t say what sparked it really.”

Golding first started playing Extra Attacker after discovering it on the Penguins website one day in January. He watches all of the Penguins’ games on the NHL Network and regularly checks the Penguins website to help determine his line for Extra Attacker.

“They usually have the lineup on the Penguins website, so I see who is going to be skating with who,” Golding explained. “If you select third- or fourth-line players who are only out on the ice six or seven minutes in a game, there’s a chance they could be out when a goal is scored. The minus (category) is really key to watch.”

Extra Attacker is a free fantasy game where participants select five players from the Penguins’ roster plus one extra attacker. Scores are determined by adding up the goals, assists, and plus-minus rating and converted into points for all six players. Each player on the roster has his points in a game multiplied against a “multiplier,” to determine his point value. A player like Sidney Crosby usually has a multiplier of x1 or x2, while a player like Hal Gill might have a multiplier of x5. A player’s multiplier changes each week according to how many people have selected that player for their roster. The catch is that minus points are also multiplied by this factor, so some scores can dip into the negative. (learn more here)

The week Golding earned the best overall score, he employed a more conservative approach.

“I stuck with Sidney and Geno (Evgeni Malkin),” Golding said. “Fedotenko had just come back and seemed to be on a bit of a roll. He was my extra attacker and he had a great week that week.”

Golding’s shrewd move paid off, as Fedotenko’s stellar performance against the Islanders, Canadiens, Flyers and Capitals, (2G-3A, plus-2) put Golding’s score over the top and enabled him to fulfill his lifelong dream of watching the Penguins play at the Mellon Arena.
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