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Dan Bylsma Transcript: 4/16/12

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins

Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma spoke to the media via a conference call this afternoon. Here is the full transcript of his comments...

On if he’s heard anything from the league about Craig Adams and James Neal:
Other than knowing they’re looking at those situations and those players, I don’t have any information from the league as of yet. Hopefully we’ll know (Tuesday) in preparation for what we’ll do in the game with our players.

On the trip home and how his players responded to the emotions of Game 3:
I think there’s a little bit of shock and disbelief and disappointment in the situation of being down 0-3 and how we’ve played. I think you’ll find that, to a man, we don’t think in this series and in these games that we’ve played our hockey and played good hockey. I think you see that frustration in the game build up and overflow. I think any team in that situation in playoff hockey down 0-3, if the shoe is on the other foot and in different situations, I think you’d see that type of reaction that the frustration has built up. I think you also have to hand the Flyers a lot of credit. In every game and in every situation, they’ve capitalized on the opportunities they’ve been given. They’ve earned them. They’ve played real well. They’ve done that in each of the games.

On if he’s worried about Fleury’s mindset and how he’ll deal with him the next couple days:
I think I will be speaking with him. As we go forward here, I think it’s imperative that if we are going to scratch back in the series and get back in this thing and start with a win in Philly on Wednesday, it’s going to be on the strength of Marc-Andre Fleury in our net. I also know that the situation he is in, there are 18 guys in front of him that really, as a group, haven’t been there – to a man – for him and in some difficult situations. That’s not just Marc-Andre Fleury. So that conversation will happen. How we regroup and how we come back and play is not just Marc-Andre Fleury, but we certainly need the strength of him going forward in the next four games here.

On if Game 3 is embarrassing to him and to the team:
Certainly not proud of the situation that happened on the ice in the game in a lot of respects. But I do know our players desperately want to win and are desperately playing. The emotions boil over in a situation like that. They’re competitors. If the situations were reversed, any team in that situation, it’s an emotional response. Certainly those emotions in the game, within the game and the 5-on-5 part of the game, have been critical for us. They were (Sunday). In Games 1 and 2, we didn’t have a lot of that response between whistles and after whistles. But in (Sunday)’s game, we took some penalties that hurt us during the play and those emotions in the situation of the game carried over post-whistle.

On Crosby’s emotions and if he demands more from him as the captain:
I think in Games 1 and 2 and also in Game 3, I think Sid has been real focused in controlling his emotions and being focused on playing. I think a little bit of what we saw (Sunday) was him trying to spark our team and trying to get back in this thing and scratch and claw to do it. I think that’s a lot of what I saw from him. More calculated than losing emotional control. Fighting back and battling back and trying to claw our way back into this thing. That’s a little bit of the emotion I saw yesterday from our captain.

On if there’s a reason for the discrepancy in special-teams goals between the teams:
Speaking to their power play, it has been very effective. They’re a talented group, but we’ve given them a little too much respect and backed off in a lot of areas where we’ve been good at killing penalties. They’ve been very good. They got the 5-on-3 goal yesterday, but the (Matt) Read goal was, again, giving them a little too much time and space, too much respect, and they were very good in executing. It’s been a huge factor, the nine special-teams goals for them. They were goals 1, 2 and 3 in Game 2. They were goals 1, 2, 5 and 6 in (Sunday)’s game. They were big goals in big games in big situations. We maybe have given them too much respect and not done what we’ve been successful at all year.

On the opportunities they’ve allowed defensively:
The special teams would be a big part of that right now. With 20 goals against, one of them being an empty net, half of them have been on special teams. That’s been a real big factor for the Flyers. They have been very good on their special teams, very good on their power play. They’ve nullified our three power-play goals with three shorthanded goals. Really, that’s been a big part of it. Probably the two biggest situations that have hurt us the most are the two turnover goals that have come back and been in the back of our net. Those things have really cost us. They cost us in Games 1 and 2, and largely, special teams (is what cost us) last game. Again, I don’t think it’s one area of the game or one situation that the Flyers have done minus the power play. To a man, we haven’t played well and we haven’t done well. They’ve exploited every opportunity they’ve gotten, whether it’s a rush situation or the second-chance opportunities they scored their two game-winning goals on in Games 1 and 2.

On if the day off was to rest the players mentally and physically:
Certainly a chance to get away from the rink, recovery-wise. The physical aspect of it, having a day off and not being on the ice, was a planned part of it. But (so was) being away from the rink. We now are challenged with the task of getting back and being real focused and winning one game. Our mindset and what we bring to the rink is as important as anything else we do. We’ll get back to that (Tuesday). Then we’ll have to be real focused about where we’re going to be at and how we’re going to play a game on Wednesday to get our first win and get back in this series.
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