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August 13, 2012 - Fan of the Day - Livia T.

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins

Livia T.
Ajax, ON

How long have you been following the Pens and how did you become a fan?
I have been a Pittsburgh Penguins fan since around 2008 during their cup run against the Detroit Red Wings. Growing up in Toronto, you sort of get looped into cheering for the Leafs at a young age. My dad would watch games on TV and I would casually follow along. Between myself and my older brother, I was the one who was always avid about sports.

In 2005 when Sidney Crosby was drafted after the lockout, my dad told me that he was supposedly the next Gretzky and to keep an eye on him. It was when they made it to the cup finals against Detroit that I really started to pay attention. After they won the cup in 2009, I was hooked.

Who is your favorite Penguins player (past or present)?
Sidney Crosby

Tell us about your favorite Penguins memory.
I have so many great personal memories with the Penguins, it's hard to choose just one. One that really comes to mind is the time I got to meet James Neal at an autograph signing in Toronto. I know the Neal family because James and I went to the same high school (he'd graduated a year before I attended) and I knew one of his younger brothers.

I gave him a drawing that I'd done of him and kept a signed print for myself. My three friends and I got to have a nice chat with him, and when we were taking our individual photos, I told him that we both attended All Saints CSS. His face immediately lit up and he went, ''Really?'' It was such a genuine reaction, I had to laugh. It was like he was a little kid...except for the fact that he's probably over a foot taller than me.

On game day I usually...
My game day routine consists of going into my room, locking my door, putting on my Neal home jersey or my Letang 2011 Winter Classic jersey (depending on how I's usually a very dramatic decision), finding a stream for the game on my computer and having twitter open on a different window. I always live-tweet games. It's a very visceral and cathartic experience, even if the majority of my followers think I'm a little loopy.

Congratulations, Livia!
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