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Allegheny Conference Committee Chairman Pleased to Partner With Penguins

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins
The Penguins and Imagine Pittsburgh teamed up earlier this week to help bring the "Ultimate Home Game" to CONSOL Energy Center when the Penguins take on the Columbus Blue Jackets in preseason action on Sept. 25. sat down with Randy Dearth, President and CEO of LANXESS Corporation, and Allegheny Conference on Community Development Workplace Committee Chairman, two of the major sponsors of "The Ultimate Game," to talk about the benefits this partnership will have for students in the Pittsburgh region.

The goal of the Imagine Pittsburgh initiative is to drive kids to this website and show them the numerous job openings which exist in this region. Knowing the Penguins have pretty much the same demographic, how does your partnership with the Penguins help further that initiative?
The partnership between and the Pittsburgh Penguins is ideal. The Penguins brand - “Energy, Innovation, Drive” - is perfectly in-line with the region’s positioning as “change maker to the world” and to the region's emergence as a center of energy-related solutions. Also, we know from a recent study that NHL fans are younger, more educated, more affluent, and access content through digital means more than any other major professional sport. If we want to communicate with this audience, this is where they are.

And, we recognize some truths. This is Pittsburgh! While much has changed about the city, its dedication to sports is a constant. And the Penguins are the hottest ticket going!

Can you talk about the importance of keeping the youth of Pittsburgh in the region to fill these openings and the potential vacancies that figure to exist in the coming years?
In this region, we face the significant challenge of an aging workforce - across the board, in all employment sectors. As the CEO of a local chemical company, I can tell you that an estimated 50% of the chemists in our industry will retire in the next five to 10 years.  Young people - both native to the region and those from other cities - need to understand that there are and will continue to be jobs for them here in Pittsburgh.

How has social media (Facebook/Twitter/etc.) helped lead this initiative and how do you guys plan to further incorporate this medium in the future?
We all know that digital and social media is the preferred method of communication among young people today. Our hope is that students will learn about our event with the Penguins, visit, see all that it has to offer and share their experience with their network of friends. ImaginePittsburgh's Facebook and Twitter pages provide relevant information about jobs in the region and the latest features on the site. We plan to launch a smart phone application in the coming weeks, bringing the 20,000+ available jobs directly to your mobile phone.

Can you talk about the quality of the jobs which exist on Imagine Pittsburgh and why they will be attractable to college students.
As mentioned, averages more than 20,000 available jobs at any given time. In my latest search, 86% of the jobs offered full-time employment. More
than half had salaries greater than $40,000, 13% payed more than $80,000 and even 7% were listed at more than $100,000.

And the employment segments represent some of the most innovative (Engineering, Health Care, IT, Life Sciences) with some of the most exciting companies in the region (UPMC, PNC, BNY Mellon, Westinghouse).

How do you see this partnership with the Penguins progressing throughout the year?
There are numerous opportunities for this partnership. We envision our communication to students continuing throughout the season - possibly with additional giveaways or exclusive access to a Pens practice session.

Right now we are addressing the young people living in the region. We also know that there are a large number of native Pittsburghers living in other parts of the country who want to move back home. Maybe we could reach out to them during the Penguins away games.

What is an aspect of the Pittsburgh job market that local students might be surprised to hear?
The reality is that our region’s economy is performing better than the national average and most of the 14 competing regions we track.  In some sectors - such as energy, financial services and health care - hundreds of jobs are available right now.  The future is bright for students in our region if they get the skills they will need when they graduate.  We want them to know that our website,, is their gateway to that opportunity.

As a proud member of the Pittsburgh community, I am eager to introduce LANXESS to more than 200,000 regional post secondary and college students, as well as improve our relationships with local colleges and universities.

Also, as a specialty chemicals company focused on green chemistry, LANXESS is very excited to sponsor an event at the CONSOL Energy Center, the first major sports venue in the country to receive a Gold LEED-certification. We are a company that provides sustainable solutions - from the lightweight plastics and low rolling resistant tires that make your vehicle more fuel effient to the energy and cost efficient insulation that keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
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