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Young Gun Q&A: Drew Shore

by Glenn Odebralski / Florida Panthers

The Panthers young gun center discusses his transition from playing in college at University of Denver to the pros, living with Jonathan Huberdeau in his first year in the league, what he likes to do on his off days and more.

This is your second full pro season since turning pro. How has the transition from playing at Denver University to playing pro gone?

Shore - I think it's been pretty good overall. Obviously there's been a lots of ups and downs throughout the first kind of year and a half of my professional career. I think I've learned a lot. I've improved as a player and I think that as long as you keep improving every day as a player, keep learning I think that it will all work out.

What has been the hardest part about the transition?

Shore - The pro game is long. It's a long season where as in college it's a little sprint. The pro game throughout the entire year you're going to have weeks that are good weeks, weeks that are bad weeks, months that are good months, months that are bad months so I think that being able to kind of take all of those in stride. I just kind of focus on getting better every day which is kind of hard to do sometimes but I think that's been my focus and it will all go well.

Do you miss the college game at all?

Shore - Not the college game but I miss the college atmosphere at times. Obviously when you're playing in front of student section and stuff like that, that aspect can be fun as well as you're also playing with guys you've been with for three-four years. There's a close bond between guys like that but obviously I'm playing in the NHL which has been my dream for my whole life. I'm enjoying it.

Your brother Nick, has he seen his NHL debut yet?

Shore - No. He played in the pre-season but he's playing in Manchester right now and he started playing really well recently so I'm happy for him.

What's it like, seeing three of the four Shore brothers drafted and obviously Baker is out there still with the chance to be drafted. What's it like to be that hockey family?

Shore - It's fun. We get along together. In the summer we spend pretty much every day together whether it be working out, skating or just playing golf or hanging out. We really have a close friendship. I consider my brothers as my best friends. We all get along really well and we have fun together so I enjoy it and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Forward Drew Shore skates with the puck (Getty Images).

What's it like being a part of this Young Gun crew with Nick Bjugstad, Erik Gudbranson and others?

Shore - I think it's good. Obviously if you look at a lot of teams that have been successful over the last couple of years, they all started with young guys and have grown from there. You look at the Colorado Avalanche and they're a perfect example of that. They've built through their young guys. They've not had quite the success they probably wanted right away which we haven't here the last year and a half but I think they've built and got better and keep it going in the right direction. That's how a lot of those teams, the Chicago's and Pittsburgh's and all those teams have done and they've been moving in the right direction and eventually made it to the top. That's what we're striving for.

Rooming with Jonathan Huberdeau your first year in the NHL, what was that like with it being both of your rookie years in the league?

Shore - It was fun. We get along really well. We were playing together at the time too so that was fun. Went to dinner a lot, had a lot of laughs and just kind of relaxed and hung out together.

Did you learn a lot of French?

Shore - Yeah. Actually he gets mad actually. I try to speak only in French with him but my French is very below average. He kind of gets frustrated with it but I refuse to speak to him in English. I think it was good for my French but terrible for his.

What's your favorite TV show?

Shore - I'm a huge tv fan. I've seen pretty much everything. Right now I'm watching the Following, I'm a little embarrassed to say it but Revenge is really good. I'm watching that. Also, Blacklist started and I'm watching that too so as you can see I watch quite a few tv shows on the road.

You have an off day. How are you spending it?

Shore - The way the schedule has been, we haven't had too many but relax. Being so close to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, it's fun to go to dinner, normally try to find a dinner spot somewhere and maybe catch a movie and just relax.

What would you say is your favorite spot in South Florida?

Shore - Seasons 52 in Fort Lauderdale, Sushi Rock. There's tons of them but those are probably my two favorite right now.

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