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Waiting Is The Hardest Thing

by Glenn Odebralski / Florida Panthers

Just a quick post for now...

They say that waiting is the hardest thing and that's totally true.

The NHL Draft kicks off in less than four hours but it still seems like an eternity away. It's been a long day so far of just waiting around in the hotel, typing up stories, working on things for the website and just waiting for the phone to buzz to hear that there's been a trade, or to know who in fact the Panthers will go with at number three.

As much anxiety it is for the fans and the staff to wait until 7:00pm ET to get the draft started, it's got to be much worse for the prospects. The future, at least of where they could play, are hours away just awaiting for their names to be called. After that it's a lot of jubilation and relief to finally hear there names called.

As the time slowly ticks by, it will be interesting to see if/when the Panthers make a move. They've been busy at the draft in the past. In actuality, this is where they usually make the most hay with trades/draft picks/etc.

"A lot of conversation and a lot of pondering and a lot of positioning as far as what we might do or what we might trade and what we might get back in return," said Panthers GM Dale Tallon yesterday. "So it's very solid. It will be an eventful 10 days (including free agency) I would think but things are starting to percolate a little bit and it's fun. This is what I enjoy the most."

We'll just have to see what comes to fruition but can someone turn the clock ahead?

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