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Top Profile: December 12

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers

REDvolution Member: Murphy Burch

When Did You Become A Panthers Fan?

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was 6 or 7 seasons ago.

What Turned You On To Becoming A Panther Fan?
My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Al DeSimone, was the head of the Panthers' medical team. He introduced my wife and me to Panthers Hockey by way of two free club-level tickets. We were season ticket holders two nights later.

Who Is Your Favorite Panther Player All-Time?
David Booth. He and I became friends, and I helped him earn his pilot's license. His departure was a pretty sad occasion for me, but I'm wishing him nothing but the best in Vancouver (except when they play my beloved Cats).

Who Is Your Favorite Panther Player Currently?
Jason Garrison; no question about it. I love that kid! He's an undrafted guy who plays his heart out every night. I've always had a soft spot for underdogs, and Jason fits that bill. I love it that he is among the league leaders in Defensemen scoring, yet he rarely gets recognition. I hope he continues to tear it up for years to come.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Attending A Panther Game?
WINNING. Plain and simple. Winning...

What Is Your Favorite Panthers Memory?
There have been several, but my very favorite was the night we beat Montreal in January of 2009 (I happened to be on the cover of Growl Magazine that night). The previous month we'd lost to them on New Years Eve, and their fans behaved so outlandishly that I will never again be able to watch a Habs game without hoping they get blown out; so the 5-2 drubbing we put on them was one of the most satisfying Panthers wins I've ever witnessed. I absolutely LOVED mocking their fans and singing them out of our building in front of PantherLand with 50-60 of my friends that night!

What Makes You A True Panther Fan?
I'm no different than the thousands of other diehard Panthers fans out there. I do everything I can to support this team, including wearing my Panthers jerseys all around the world, and traveling to 15-25 road games each season, and I write a blog entitled "VanMurph's View" here on the Panthers' website. I'm active in recruiting new fans, and I'm doing my very best (along with other fans and friends) to revive the tradition of the Rat (Now throwing rats at home and on the road after Panthers wins). I live my life around the Panthers' schedule. If you're ever out at the arena. Stop by and say Hi! Section 118, Row 16, Seats 3-6

What Other Sports/Sports Teams Do You Like?
I have a keen interest in Dolphins football, and I'm a fan of all Notre Dame athletics.

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