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Top Of Draft Order Determined Tonight

by "Hockey Pat" McGrath / Florida Panthers
NHL Draft Lottery Machine

The NHL Draft will be held on June 27-28, 2014 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The draft order of the first 13 picks will be finalized Tuesday night at the NHL Draft Lottery in Toronto at 8 p.m. ET (NBCSN).

At the NHL Draft Lottery, the 14 non-playoffs teams have a shot at winning the first pick with their odds based on where each team finished in the regular season. This season, only 13 of the 14 non-playoff teams have a shot at winning the lottery as the New Jersey Devils will be picking 30th in the first round regardless of the lottery’s outcome.

Who goes first in this year’s draft is still very much up in the air. Among the top draft eligible players, are forwards Sam Bennett, Sam Reinhart, Leon Draisaitl along with blueliner Aaron Ekblad.

The Panthers have an 18.8% chance of winning the lottery, the second best odds behind only the Buffalo Sabres who have a 25% chance of winning. There are three scenarios that could play out for the Panthers on Tuesday. The first is, they win the lottery and move up from the second pick in the draft to the first. Second, the Buffalo Sabres win the lottery, stay at the top of the draft and the Panthers stay in the second spot. Finally, a team below the Panthers could win the lottery which would move Florida down a spot. For example, say the Oilers win the lottery; they would move up from their third spot to the first spot. The Sabres would then move down to second and the Panthers would move to third. Any team below the Oilers would be unaffected.

Florida has twice won the Draft lottery, moving from third to first in 2002 and following that up one year later as they moved from fourth to first.

So to recap: If the Panthers win the lottery, they pick first. If the Sabres win the lottery then the Panthers stay in the second spot. If any team below the Panthers wins the lottery then the Panthers move down to third.

Here are the odds for the NHL Draft Lottery:

Team Draft Position Headed Into Lottery Chance To Win #1
Buffalo Sabres 1 25.0%
Florida Panthers 2 18.8%
Edmonton Oilers 3 14.2%
Calgary Flames 4 10.7%
New York Islanders 5 8.1%
Vancouver Canucks 6 6.2%
Caroina Hurricanes 7 4.7%
Toronto Maple Leafs 8 3.6%
Winnipeg Jets 9 2.7%
Phoenix Coyotes 10 2.1%
Ottawa Senators 11 1.5%
New Jersey Devils 12 Cannot Win
Nashville Predators 13 0.8%
Washington Capitals 14 0.5%
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